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CCRP Joins the Chamber of Commerce

The Clark County Republican Party has joined the The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. 

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, State Senator Lynda Wilson, GVCC Ambassadors, and many CCRP members at ribbon cutting ceremony held at CCRP's Annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

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This year's exciting line-up includes Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA and Fox News Contributor; as well as our US Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler. Join us for a wonderful dinner on the Waterfront at Warehouse 23. Great people, great food and a good time supporting our Great Republicans running in 2018!




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Party Of Lincoln Gala, Dinner and Auction


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A New Year and a Positive Direction

_DSC0212_adjusted.jpgThe 2017 Night Before New Year’s Eve was a raging success! What made it a success? Everyone who attended the event and all those who have worked so hard to bring the Party together made it a great night.

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Standing Up To Oregon Comes With Retaliation

381713_301237193241596_1999984487_n.jpgOver seventy-five thousand commuters a day spend hours in traffic to drive across the river and give ten percent of their income to the state of Oregon. While Washington legislators look for traffic solutions to make the commute more bearable for our residents, Oregon refuses to come to the table. They are only interested in options that impose their massive light rail bill onto Washington residents. However, it’s never enough for Oregon politicians, now they are looking at tolling options that take more out of the pockets of Washingtonians to pay for Oregon’s mismanaged transportation issues, while doing nothing to benefit Washington residents stuck in traffic. When Oregon crossed this line, Washington's 3rd District Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler stood up and said enough is enough. She has been a strong voice for her constituents in this area, and folks here are taking notice and singing her praises about it. 

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Sen. Rivers Named "Outstanding Legislator" of the Year







The Washington Association of Sewer and Water Districts (WASWD) has named State Senator Ann Rivers "Outstanding Legislator" of the year. In a WASWD meeting held at Clark Regional Wastewater headquarters, Senator Rivers was given a plaque that was inscribed with the following...  "Outstanding Legislator - Presented to Senator Ann Rivers in appreciation of your leadership and support for legislation advocating and protecting the interests of constituents served by Washington's water and sewer districts."  


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Save the Date!

Please join the Clark County Republican Leadership Team for a Party & Year End Update, and a word from our Washington State Senators, Ann Rivers and Lynda Wilson.


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Stacie Jesser Recognized for Outstanding Leadership

IMG956056.jpgStacie Jesser, Clark County Republican Party State Committee Woman and Clark County Republican Women's Club Chair has been recognized for her leadership in building up the Clark County Republican Women's Club.

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October 18th, 2017 PRESS RELEASE


The Clark County Republican Party held a special meeting on October 17, 2017 which was called by a petition of the Clark County Republican Central Committee in concordance with the bylaws of the organization.

By majority vote, the members removed State Committeeman Joseph Wagner, State Committeewoman Katja Delavar and Treasurer Suzanne Gerhardt. We thank them for their service to the party. An election immediately followed the vote to fill the vacated positions.

By majority vote, the members elected Joel Mattila as State Committeeman, Stacie Jesser as State Committeewoman and Joseph Delli Gatti as Treasurer. We thank these individuals for stepping up to serve and look forward to a positive road ahead. Each one of these individuals has been involved with the party and demonstrated their commitment to a positive working environment. We are confident in their abilities.

The new board is committed to re-focusing the Clark County Republican Party leadership on the purpose of the party as outlined in our bylaws, and creating a party that works togther. We are committed to working with all Republicans and creating opportunities for those interested to get involved. We ask for support through this transition from our members and Republicans in the community as we work towards our common goals and agendas.

We thank every one of the members who participated in the process at our special meeting. One hundred and thirty-seven of our one hundred and seventy-one members were in attendance. Despite disagreements on some issues, our common values and principles and our desire to make a positive difference in the community is what brings us together. In future years we have the opportunity to ensure what unites us will be at the forefront of what we do and stand for. Let us work together and set an example of what it means to be a Republican.  

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Phone Bank Launch

It was a fantastic evening working with Clark County Republicans, launching the 2017 Phone Bank!

This evening, members of the Clark County Republican Party came together to work towards common goals and agendas. Thank you to all those who joined us this evening, and those who stopped by to say hi and even dropped off donations. Recently, some have tried to divide us and shift our focus in a negative direction during the 2017 election season - they are failing! And it showed tonight, with several amazing people working together and enjoying what it means to part of the CCRP! We are committed to supporting those who are willing to serve and represent us on many levels. Please join the team!

Please feel free to join the positive group of volunteers, sign up today! Please email DavidGellatly@ClarkRepublicans.com 
We will be running a phone bank 5 days a week until election day.

Candidates who will be working during these months include Kris Greene, Steve Cox, Park Llafet, Dan Coursey and more!


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