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From the Chairman's Desk-July 27, 2015

Vote For 1!

A BIG thank you to all who got wet this weekend serving Republican candidates and causes!  Thanks especially to Tom & Lisa Tangen, Brenda Poletti & their team for a successful Garage Sale in spite of the rain.  And thank you to all the Camas parade participants who got wet while supporting their candidates!  Your dedication is an inspiration! 

Turn in your ballot--Vote for ONE! Several of our supporters wish they could vote for all our great Republican candidates in this election, but we are voting for just ONE candidate in the County Council Chair race and just ONE candidate in the County Council District 2 race.  We know it is hard, but do not mark more than one or your vote won’t count. 

For County Council Chair your Republican choices include (in ballot order): Tom MielkeJeanne Stewart and David Madore.  You must vote for just one!
For District 2 we have Republicans, Mary Benton & Julie Olson.  You must vote for just one!

We are proud of the many current and former Republican PCOs running for non-partisan positions.  All will be in the November election, but just two positions are on this current ballot and need your vote:
--Kathleen Metzger, a former PCO and chairman of the 49th Legislative District is running for Vancouver City Council Position 5.
--Bill Hughes (current PCO) and Lisa Ross (current PCO and Vice Chairman of the Party) are running for Port Commissioner.  You must vote for just one!

Because of low voter turn-out your vote is worth even more!  Be sure to get your ballot in!

On Wednesday, July 29th 6:30pm at HQ we will continue our preparation for an effective 2016 presidential caucus.  Whether you attended our first meeting or not please attend Wednesday if you are interested in building neighborhood grassroots teams through the caucus system or if you just want to become familiar with the caucus process.  Many people have lived here for decades without realizing that the caucus is the starting point for the selection of the presidential nominee.  If you did not participate in the 2012 caucus you did not participate in the nomination.  Don’t let the other 49 states choose our nominee.

School Board Races:  The Freedom Foundation is preparing information on school board candidates around the state which can be found here.  Only Battle Ground has a race on the primary ballot, but this will be a good resource for the rest of us during the general election.

Do you have a sports bar connection? It was suggested by Pat Anderson, a former PCO, that we find a public place to watch the presidential debates and invite the community.  What a great idea!  So far we have not found the perfect spot, but if you know of a location please contact us.  The first debate is August 6.  We’re looking for public venues, probably not a private room.  Or maybe you have a better idea?

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From the Chairman's Desk-July 12, 2015

Presidential Primary Update

Presidential Primary: Lawmakers in Olympia this past week allocated $11.5 million to fund a presidential primary for Washington State in the hope of attracting presidential candidates to our state and making it easier for people to participate in the party's nominee selection process.  We are a caucus state and, as in past years, Washington Democrats will not use the primary results to help them select their candidate.  No delegates to their national convention will be allocated based on the primary results, only the caucus results.  Republicans have not yet decided how to use the primary, but in the past have allocated essentially a 50/50 split based on the election versus the caucus results. 

It is our hope that the primary will not deter supporters of the numerous Republican presidential candidates from learning how the Party selection process works and participating fully in their precinct caucus.  The Clark County Republican Party has a large group of volunteers dedicated to making the 2016 caucus a stellar, grassroots-empowering, event.  If you would like to help us achieve that goal please join us on July 29th as we continue our caucus planning.  Details are below in the “Coming Events” section. 

Additional Information on the Gas Tax Vote:  Last week we reported that Senate Republicans teamed up with Senate & House Democrats to raise gas taxes by 11.7 cents per gallon, raise tab fees, add a studded tire fee, increase fees on large trucks, add a number of new driver’s license fees for truckers and much more. 

Included was a list of how our Clark County Senators and Representatives voted.  Two people contacted us to make sure we knew that Clark (& Cowlitz) County Senator John Braun was a solid NO voter.  We had reported him as excused from the final vote, but apparently that vote was procedural and he voted NO on final passage (as well as earlier versions of the bill).  You can find all the legislator’s votes by clicking on the “View Roll Calls” links here

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From the Chairman's Desk-July 5, 2015

Summer Events For Your Consideration!

Happy Independence Day!  Today we pay nearly half of everything we earn in taxes and fees to the king government.

Last week Senate Republicans teamed up with Senate & House Democrats to raise gas taxes by 11.7 cents per gallon, raise tab fees, add a studded tire fee, increase fees on large trucks, add a number of new driver’s license fees for truckers and much more.  You can read the entire bill here.

Clark County Republican Senators voting YES included:  Curtis King & Ann Rivers.
Clark County Republican Senators voting NO included: Don Benton.
Excused: John Braun (he voted NO on earlier versions).
Statewide 18 Senate Republicans voted YES, 7 voted NO.  21 Senate Democrats voted YES, 2 Voted NO.  (1 Democrat excused)

Clark County Republican Representatives voting YES included: Norm Johnson. 
Clark County Republican Representatives voting NO included: Gina McCabe, Paul Harris, Lynda Wilson, Brandon Vick, Liz Pike, Richard DeBolt, Ed Orcutt.
Statewide 9 House Republicans voted YES, 37 voted NO.  45 House Democrats voted YES, 7 Voted NO.  

You can read the history on the bill, including roll call votes here.

On a related note:  Tim Eyman turned in 337,000 signatures for his 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative I-1366 so we will be voting in November on whether to add a constitutional amendment requiring the higher threshold to raise taxes. 


 Coming Events
The events listed may or may not be organized, sponsored or endorsed by the CCRP.  If you have events that you would like to see listed, please send them to media@ClarkRepublicans.com.

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From the Chairman's Desk-June 28, 2015

Get Yard Signs to Support Our Candidates!

Relevant to today, Thomas Jefferson warned, “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy;” 

It is time for the citizens to become fully engaged.  Please see the activities outlined below and participate as much as you can.

Will you join our table at the BIG FAT GREEK DINNER DANCE WITH REINCE PRIEBUS July 10th, 6:30pm?  This is an Oregon Republican Party event held in Portland.  The cost is $125 and we need to know this week if you will sit at our table.  Contact Kenny at KennySmith@ClarkRepublicans.com 360-521-8565.

Call to action—It is easy to save all our elected servant’s phone numbers to our cell phones.  Then, when a legislative catastrophe is about to strike (no one is safe when the legislature is in session) you can make a quick call and let your opinion be known.  Just such a moment is happening right now with the Washington State transportation budget.   Representative Lynda Wilson has a Facebook Post asking us to contact our legislators over the transportation package.  Many of our elected servants do a good job of communication through Facebook and legislative updates.  Be sure you are on their list.  We try not to duplicate information you should be receiving from those other sources.

Yard signs are here.  Many of the campaigns have supplied us with signs and literature.  Stop in at Republican HQ--9401 NE Covington Rd and pick yours up.  We’re open M-F 11:30am – 5:30pm.  You may call 360-695-1609 to see if we have the signs you want.

Let’s keep our candidates looking sharp!  Carry a screw gun and hammer to keep candidate signs in good repair.  Most can be put right in just a minute or two.  Or use give the candidate a call when you see their sign in trouble.

Deadline—To be able to vote in the August primary you must register online or by mail by July 6th.  For those not registered anywhere in WA you have until July 27th to register in person.  Additional information may be found in this press release.

Your comments were terrific!  
A big thank you to the large group who turned out to share their thoughts regarding the 2016 caucus.  This will be the largest caucus in history as the citizens try to steer this country back on course.  If you missed your chance to comment on the upcoming caucus, feel free to share your ideas by contacting Chairman, Kenny Smith at KennySmith@ClarkRepublicans.com or 360-521-8565.  We seriously intend this to be the best, most productive caucus ever. 

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From the Chairman's Desk-June 21, 2015

Share Your Ideas With Us!

Your ideas are requested.  Join us Wednesday.  
Washington is a Caucus State.  To have a voice in the selection of the Republican presidential nominee you must participate in your precinct caucus.  Probably 85% of the voters are unaware of the caucus and will wait for a presidential primary ballot which will never arrive.  Share your ideas this Wednesday as we begin planning the 2016 Republican caucus for Clark County.  Because of the disastrous Obama administration this will be the largest caucus in history.  Let’s see if we can capitalize on that energy.  Join us Wednesday, June 24th, 6:30pm at Republican HQ 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver and let’s start planning a great event. 

Please thank our diverse group of sponsors with your patronage and referrals.  They have made our organization much stronger for the year ahead.  Let’s do the same for them.  Click on their websites and get to know them so you will be prepared when you or a friend needs their services:
Creekside Contracting  http://www.creeksidecontractingllc.com/
US Digital  http://www.usdigital.com/
JB Homes  http://www.jbhomeswa.com/
RW Pawn   http://www.rwpawn.com/
Boyd's Auctions and Estate Sales  http://boydsauctions.com/
Global Security  http://www.global4security.com/
Erik Runyan Jewelers  http://runyansjewelers.com/
Legacy Restoration  http://www.lrestore.com/
Woodland Truck Line  http://woodtrucklineinc.com/
Trade Star Logistics http://www.tradestarllc.com/
Whether a business or an individual we encourage you to make financial contributions here to assist this grassroots-led organization advance the principles of liberty and preserve our Constitution.

Join us as we enter our second year!  Thank you to everyone who has helped keep the office open with your volunteer hours and regular financial contributions.  We are entering our second year in a well-maintained and fully-staffed office.  If you want to discuss your potential role as an office volunteer contact Brenda at: 503-380-6918poletfam@yahoo.com.  Set up your scheduled monthly contribution here.

The office is open Monday through Friday, 11:30am – 5:30pm.  We will soon be expanding our hours so we need you to join our team today.

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From the Chairman's Desk-June 14, 2015

Celebrating Two Anniversaries This Week!


Our Covington Office Celebrates One Year!  
Congratulations to Brenda Poletti, our (volunteer) office manager, and her all-volunteer office staff!  One year ago we acquired a beautiful office at 9401 NE Covington Road.  Brenda set a goal to keep it open every single weekday with consistent hours.  Because of her dedication and many wonderful volunteers she achieved the goal from the very first week.  Thank you to everyone who made this possible.  Your devotion to the success of the Clark County Republican Party is very evident and greatly admired!

Join us!  We are seeking additional office staff to support expanded hours during the election season and coming vacations.   If you can regularly take a ½ day shift once per week, want to help only on occasion, or you just want to applaud Brenda, contact her at: poletfam@yahoo.com.

The office is open Monday through Friday11:30am – 5:30pm.  Please stop in and thank a volunteer! 

Want to continue the success?  Many people have specifically chosen to help us keep the office open by scheduling regular monthly contributions.  We would love to have you as an office partner.  Set up your own scheduled contribution here.

Magna Carta Celebrates 800 years!
Magna Carta is the premier document in the field of human rights.  Magna Carta enshrines liberty in the law.  The 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta will be observed on Saturday, June 20 at 12:00 noon.  The event will be held at the bandstand just south of Officers Row, on the parade field at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in Vancouver.  More information can be found here: http://www.magnacartaclarkcowa.org/ 

Meet a few of our PCOs: https://youtu.be/KGaFjTWN93Q
An inspiring 8 minute video of PCOs discussing the future of the party.  A Big Thank You to Dick Sohn for having the vision to produce it. 

Did you hear Dr. Keith Smith?  If you missed his incredible story of free-market medicine you have another chance as it is recorded here: http://www.cvtv.org/vid_link/4453?start=4822&stop=8038.  This is a story about much more than merely quality medical care.

More photos!  This link was posted last week before many photos were uploaded.  If you clicked on the link beforeWednesday you probably missed most of them.  They can be found here.

Another chance to run for office?  The elections office has announced a 3-day filing opportunity for positions which drew no candidates during the recent filing period.  Positions include Yacolt City Council, Green Mountain and Washougal School Districts, Fire Protection Districts 2 and 13 and Cemetery District 5.  To find out if you live in one of the districts call 360-397-2345.  Please consider serving your community.  The media release can be found here.

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From the Chairman's Desk-June 7, 2015

Lincoln Day Dinner Highlights

Our Lincoln Day Dinner was well-attended and a lot of fun.  CVTV was there to record all the action.  Below are the key presentations from the event. 

Powerful presentation from Trevor Loudon: http://www.cvtv.org/vid_link/4453?start=1790&stop=4165

Everyone is talking about high school student, Alyssa Peterson’s speech on her winning Magna Carta essay.  Don’t miss it: http://www.cvtv.org/vid_link/4453?start=4344&stop=4773

We thank the Clark County Magna Carta Observance Committee for inspiring Alyssa and many other young people to study Magna Carta.  She was a wonderful addition to our event.  On Saturday, June 20th the Clark County Magna Carta Observance Committee is hosting an observance at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site to celebrate the 800th anniversary, featuring historical re-enactors (and maybe more student essays?)

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Keith Smith from the Surgery Center of Oklahoma told an incredible story of following his convictions to unleash the power of the free market.  His story is about much more than quality medical care.  You can watch his speech here: http://www.cvtv.org/vid_link/4453?start=4822&stop=8038.

You can watch the entire event (minus the live auction here)



The room was decorated with incredible hand-crafted Magna Carta centerpieces, the inspiration of PCO Pamela Gandarillas and created at our headquarters by dedicated volunteers.   Notice the the wax seal, candle, quill pen & inkwell.  Not seen are the leather covered antiqued books they also spent many hours creating. 

More photos from the dinner can be found here.

This event was a success because of the extraordinary effort of extraordinary people.  We are fortunate to have so many people in the Clark County Republican Party that pitch in to get the work accomplished.  What a great night!  Thank you Katja Delavar & Bryndl Rohan, Lincoln Day Dinner co-chairmen, and the entire team of around 50 volunteers.  A complete list of the volunteers, corporate & business sponsors are here.

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From the Chairman's Desk- May 31, 2015

Lincoln Day Dinner, An Absolute Success!

A personal message from your chairman:

We were blessed by the outpouring of support for this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner.  I personally received many congratulatory comments that really don’t belong to me, but to the more than 50 active volunteers who made the night a pleasure for all of us.  Fred Boyd of Boyd Auctions and Estate Sales was a masterful and entertaining auctioneer and raised thousands from the items donated by businesses and individuals.  Since the event was just last night we’ll have to wait until next week for an accounting of the amount raised, a link to a photo album and the video from CVTV.org. 

Cakes waiting at the starting line for the dessert dash

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Lincoln Dinner This Saturday!

Do You Have Your LDD Tickets?

The 2015 Lincoln Day Dinner is this Saturday!  Please purchase your tickets now at http://www.clarkrepublicans.org/ldd_2015

We have two terrific speakers.  
Trevor Loudon is a popular international speaker and author from New Zealand.  His research has uncovered a key historical problem that threatens the core of America’s national security.  He will speak to us about the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and his concern for America.

Switching gears, we’ll then hear from Dr. Keith Smith who has developed a successful free-market medical center that could be a guide to affordable healthcare in Washington State and the nation.  The Surgery Center of Oklahoma posts their prices online, does not accept insurance and charges patients a fraction of big hospitals.

Please purchase tickets at http://www.clarkrepublicans.org/ldd_2015

In addition to these fantastic presentations we have silent and live auction items that will be very popular such as:

Custom Painted Mossberg Maverick 88 - 12 Gauge Shotgun

Farm-to-Table Dinner for Eight with Representative Liz Pike at Shangri-La Farms

Willamette Valley Wine Tour with Pacific Towncar

Multi-Firearm Familiarization Event at Kanati Falls Ranch

Lunch with Senator Don Benton

Locally Handcrafted Adirondack Chairs

Shadow Councilor David Madore

Creekside Contracting, LLC: Exterior Home Painting

Global Wireless Security System and Installation

Lunch with Councilor Tom Mielke

Creekside Contracting, LLC: Interior Home Painting

Extra fun for your next party with Photo Booth Rental

Lunch with the Dynamic Duo – Representatives Lynda Wilson and Liz Pike

Henry Silver Eagle .22 Magnum Rifle w/ Hand-Painted Walnut Stock


Please go online now and purchase your tickets at http://www.clarkrepublicans.org/ldd_2015

See you there!

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party

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From the Chairman's Desk-May 24, 2015

The Big Event Is Here!

Lincoln Day Dinner May 30th!
Final week!  Our big event, the Lincoln Day Dinner is this Saturday!  Please purchase tickets today at http://www.clarkrepublicans.org/ldd_2015

The Lincoln Day Dinner Team has arranged a wonderful evening for you with Dr. Keith Smith from the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and with popular speaker, Trevor Loudon.  The team has carefully selected items for our auction to raise funds to support this all-volunteer organization.  Many corporate sponsors have contributed to the success of the evening and some of their logos can be seen below.  Please promote their businesses at every opportunity.  Their support has made this event possible and is greatly appreciated.  A complete list of sponsors will be included in next week's newsletter.

We don't want anyone to miss out.  Please share our Facebook event page with your friends.  Come by the office to pick up flyers.  The office is staffed Monday through Friday 11:30am – 5:30pm.  The phone number is 360-695-1609.  You can also print them from this link.

Bill Bryant Announces Candidacy for Governor!  Bill Bryant has asked us to share his video announcement with you.  We’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the months ahead in preparation for his 2016 run. You can learn about him here: http://www.billbryantforgovernor.com/announcement?splash=1

Mary Benton Announces Run for County Councilor Position 2:  (For the full announcement click here)
Contact: Mary Benton-360-574-7369
…Benton, a resident of Clark County for 27 years, said: “I have always been very involved in our community as a PCO and through my children’s many activities, but now as my youngest son graduates from high school, I’m ready to contribute at a higher level.”… …Benton stated that her desire to run for County Council stems from her concerns over rising property taxes and the erosion of private property rights, especially in the rural areas. “I have lived in this county a long time and plan to live out my life here, and I want my kids to be able to raise their families here too,” she said. Benton concluded by saying: “We need to continue the County’s successful effort to create more opportunities for jobs here at home, and you do that by reducing the barriers to business entry. “Benton can be contacted via her website at ElectMaryBenton.com or by email at: Mary@ElectMaryBenton.com

Become an election observer!  There is just one day per year where you can be certified to watch the elections process.  This year it is June 4th.  Please attend this evening certification so we can add your name to the list of Republican observers.  Details below.

 Coming Events
The events listed may or may not be organized, sponsored or endorsed by the CCRP.  If you have events that you would like to see listed, please send them to media@ClarkRepublicans.com.


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