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Press Release - New Board Members Announced!

Clark County Republican Central Committee, 2016 Organization Meeting to Elect Board Members and Other Amendments. 


The Central Committee is the governing body of the Party consisting of the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) elected per state law. On Saturday 12/03/16, 133 Clark County PCOs attended the reorganizing meeting. After amendments were introduced, debated and voted on by the committee, and after board nominations were made, candidate speeches were made and committee voted; the results of the meeting are as follows:


The following board members were elected by the committee:

Chairman: David Gellatly, 

Vice Chairman: Leslie Meharry, 

State Committeeman: Joseph Wagner, 

State Committeewoman: Katja Delavar, 

Treasurer: Suzanne Gerhardt, 

Secretary: Karen Trumbull, 

LD14 Director: Piper McEwen, 

LD17 Chairman: Tom Tangen,

LD18 Chairman: George Hacker, 

LD20 Director: Clyde Holland, 

LD49 Chairman: Jim Johnson.


The Following amendments were adopted:               

  • We adopted a new Vetting process for candidates
  • We added to our bylaws the following statement:

The primary purpose of this organization is to elect Republicans who support our Core Principles and Party Platform to public office.

  • And we readopted our Core Principles, 

EQUALITY UNDER LAW--Public officials should not exempt themselves from our
laws or regulations.
ACCOUNTABILITY--Public officials should be held accountable to their oath of office,
regardless of party affiliation.
SANCTITY OF LIFE--Human life, regardless of age, has the right to legal protection.
MINIMAL GOVERNMENT--Government's powers should be minimal, clearly defined,
and honestly interpreted.


To meet the new board and thank the previous members, all members of the Republican Party are encouraged to attend the annual Night Before New Years Eve event. Tickets are available or please RSVP, https://www.facebook.com/events/1294128023942440/


We look forward the working together and representing Clark County Republicans. We thank the previous board for their leadership, time and commitment they have dedicated to the party.


For Further Information, Please Contact David Gellatly, Chairman @ 360.991.5265 (email address will be updated soon).

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From the Chairman's Desk-November 29, 2016

Political parties are controlled by grassroots activists (when they have the courage to assert their control).

The leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC) is elected by the leadership of each State Republican Party (as well as US Territories and Washington DC).

The leadership of the State Republican Party (WSRP) is elected by the leadership of each County Republican Party in WA State.

The leadership of the County Party (CCRP) is elected by the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs).

PCOs are elected by the voters in their precinct during the August Primary in each even-numbered year. (A precinct is a voting district of less than 1500 registered voters).  Clark County has 252 precincts.  The PCOs elected in 2016 are listed here.  (No one filed to run in those vacant precincts).

So…voters in the precincts elect the PCOs, who elect county party leaders, who elect state party leaders, who elect national party leaders.  Simple, huh?

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From the Chairman's Desk-November 22, 2016

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From the Chairman's Desk-November 15, 2016

This, and videos like it, have been all over social media but we will never tire of watching it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT0Rjc6jKCg

We started this presidential cycle with one goal:  Give every supporter the tools and encouragement they need to be effective advocates for their candidate regardless of which Republican presidential candidate they support.  As a result we made lots of new friends and recruited lots of new volunteers.  What an incredible election!  While there was an all-out assault on our nominee the Clark County Republican Party and the Washington State Republican Party never wavered in their support for the people's choice.  They are both to be commended.

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From the Chairman's Desk-November 8, 2016

Please pray for our nation and our candidates. 

Republican HQ will be open as late as possible tonight to help you with your ballot.   The phone number is 360-695-1609 and the address is 9401 NE Covington Rd.  Check out our Ballot Recommendation page and call or stop by if you need assistance. 

Please devote the day to finding friends that have not yet voted and helping them get their ballots turned in...And then let's party!

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From the Chairman's Desk-November 1, 2016

Republican HQ is open seven days per week from noon - 6pm.  9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver (Thank you, volunteers)!  The phone number is 360-695-1609. But before we celebrate we have work to do!

Get an emotional boost –Hang out at HQ where there is a steady stream of encouragement from new voters, old voters, and former Democratic voters all excited to support your candidates!

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Election Special - 4 Important Races - Clark County Republican Party

In the past we railed against east coast election returns being reported on election night before our polls close.  This year they are trying to break our spirit even before Election Day arrives!  Do not be fooled by their false reports.  We are on track to win and your vote is critical.  If you need encouragement just come spend time at Republican HQ.  You’ll witness a steady stream of new voters, old voters, former Democratic voters; all excited about our candidates.

Today we’re highlighting four statewide races that don’t get the attention they deserve.  All four of our candidates are highly skilled and well-suited for the job, and all four have opponents who are far left and should not be allowed anywhere near the controls of government. 

Marty McClendon is our rock-solid conservative candidate for Lt. Governor.  In the vein of the Founding Fathers, Marty does not plan to be a “professional politician,” but rather a “Gentleman Statesman” – one who sees it as his duty to fill a need in government for a time, and then return to his private life.  His diverse professional and personal life experiences make him an excellent choice for Lt. Governor.  Watch, at least, his one minute video titled “What does a Lt. Governor do?” You’ll find it at his media page.

Marty’s opponent, Cyrus Habib, has stated that he will use the positon to advance progressive ideals.  The contrast between the two could not be greater.  Habib has tremendous campaign resources, generated primarily from outside of Washington state.  Marty needs our grassroots efforts to win this election.  This is a race we can win.  Lets work for every vote!

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From the Chairman's Desk-October 25, 2016

Republican HQ is open Monday through Saturday from noon - 6pm. 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver. 

Please share our Ballot Recommendations page.  Included are links to the candidates, Voter Pamphlet page numbers, initiatives and advisory votes.  Print out a list of candidates here and stick it on your fridge for easy reference).

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Election Special - Supreme Court & PUD

Ballots went in the mail yesterday which means some of us will be voting today!  Can you believe it?  It is finally here!

We call your attention to four non-partisan races that we hope will get your support.  These races are often skipped by the voters because they don’t have time to study the candidates and the candidates have no party affiliation attached to them. 

There are nine members on the state supreme court.  We have a chance to replace three of them this year with these highly qualified individuals.  These three have been endorsed by the Clark County Republican Party and the Washington State Republican Party.  We need you to vote, and encourage your friends to vote as well.  This is an unprecedented opportunity to restore sanity to the court.

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From the Chairman's Desk-October 18, 2016

Republican HQ is open Monday through Saturday from noon - 6pm. 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver. 

The Clark County Republican Party is guided by Core Principles and the 2016 Clark County Republican Party PlatformNote that our platform states: We dedicate time, talent, and efforts to electing those candidates who represent these principles and commit to implementing them into public policy.

Important new tab on the website: Ballot Recommendations.  Included are links to the candidates plus additional ballot information.  This will be updated as more information becomes available.  You can also print out a list here and stick it on your fridge for easy reference).

Callers needed:  Contact Kenny today to get on the call center schedule and help us Get Out the Vote (GOTV)! 360-521-8565 KennySmith@ClarkRepublicans.com.  We’ll be making calls each day between noon and 9pm.

Every single daily newspaper endorses Secretary of State, Kim Wyman!  You read that right - there isn’t a single daily newspaper endorsing my opponent. All of them observed the clear difference in experience and qualifications between her and me, and opted to keep our elections fair, accurate, and impartial. You can go here to read the full endorsements.

Three sources of candidate information:
ClarkCounty.info, whose stated goal is to promote smaller and more honest local government has developed an evaluation process that is criteria-based, consistent, objective, and results in an aggregate score for the candidate: Political Candidate Evaluation Matrix by Jurisdiction.
2. Family Policy Institute of Washington encourages you to use of IVoter guide.
3.  Clark County Republican Party Ballot Recommendations (print this out and stick it on your fridge).

Campaign signs need your help!  Campaign signs are tipped over all around the county due to the recent winds.  With just a couple tools you can fix them in just a few minutes.  The sign teams would really appreciate the help!.  The only tools you need are a hammer and a screw gun with Phillips and T25 Torx bit.  Feel free to stop and repair any Republican sign you see.  Even yard signs should be righted and straightened up.  It's a small effort if we all chip in and keep our candidates looking sharp!

Yard signs in abundance!  Please stop in and get some yard signs today!  Let’s get them out in public where they can do some good.  A sign in your yard is a personal recommendation that will garner votes.  We’re open noon – 6pm Monday through Saturday.  9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver.  360-695-1609.

Attendance / Activism Needed:  Domestic Energy / Jobs Public Hearing October 25th!!  We need to develop our domestic energy!  We need to develop a more prosperous economy for Southwest Washington!  Our nominee, Donald Trump, along with many other Republican leaders have been calling for the development of our domestic natural resources and the jobs and prosperity which come along with it.  But there is no magic button in the Oval Office.  Implementing our conservative economic agenda requires LOCAL ACTIVISM. 

If all us local Republicans will attend the Army Corps of Engineers RIDGEFIELD Public Hearing regarding the Longview coal terminal, we can not only deliver a victory for Southwest Washington families who need great jobs, but we can also deliver a defeat to the anti-capitalist professional protester class, telling them their decades of fighting to de-industrialize our state are over!  It’s really worth 2 hours of our time, and watching the traveling liberal troubadours (like the singing grannies) will be entertaining too! 

Please go to this event registration page to RSVP.  Though the event is all day, we are just organizing to all be there from 4pm – 6pm.  Wear your brand!  Trump supporters – wear your Trump gear – make sure the left knows that Trump supporters are a local political force to be reckoned with.  Wear your GOP regalia or swag from your favorite local or statewide candidates.  This is going to be fun, and we can hopefully convert the resulting media attention into some great Get Out The Vote messaging because the meeting is right in the middle of our voting period!  Please register for the event, then go to the Facebook event and RSVP.  Thank you!!   -Christian Berrigan, State Committeeman, Clark County Republican Party.  Event Registration (free) http://createnwjobs.com/advocacy-register/  Facebook Event RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/560174334177839/

Job openings: WSRP has paid and unpaid election worker positions available in Clark County from now until election day.  Contact Hal Palmer via phone/text 360-431-2733 or email hal.equitynw@gmail.com. From Hal, “Each door knocked is one small act that will be the secret of our success.  Many doors knocked means that Candidates get votes and win!! With a little over three weeks we must cross the finish line together!”

You can still register to vote, but it must be in person.  New registrations will still be accepted in person at the elections office through October 31st: 1408 Franklin Street, Vancouver - 360-397-2345.  You can check your voter registration status at http://myvote.wa.gov/ but make changes and register only in person at the elections office.

Election Observers: If you are a certified election observer we are trying to schedule you.  If we have somehow missed you, please contact Kenny at 360-521-8565 or KennySmith@ClarkRepublicans.com.  Only those who have been certified through the elections office are eligible.  (There will not be another opportunity to become certified until 2017).

Serve your community on a board or commission.  (Send openings you find to media@ClarkRepublicans.com)
City of Vancouver:  Downtown & City Center Redevelopment Authority Boards  Deadline: Oct. 21
Clark County:  Clean Water Commission  Apply by November 21

Donald Trump campaign HQ is open for business 9am – 5pm. 7005 NE 179th St. Vancouver, WA (360) 979-1900.  They have supplies on hand such as signs and literature.  They would love to show you how to help get Donald Trump elected.

Please consider donating to support our all-volunteer efforts during this critical time.  There are several ways to contribute: http://www.clarkrepublicans.org/membership_levels

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