I-1639 FRAUD. VOTE NO ON I-1639

Newsflash: It’s illegal to tax groceries. Washington is a tax exempt state when it comes to selling groceries, as access to food is a basic civil right. No one is trying to tax food.

Anyone not informed enough to know that will have been duped into signing the petition for I-1639 to “stop tax on groceries”. This scam is already being challenged as fraudulent, but besides the fact that paid signature gatherers lied to get signatures under false pretenses is the fact that I-1639 is nothing but a grab to further infringe upon your right to defend yourself and your property.

This tax is not only a tax but a huge grab for control over the rights of gun owners.

Top 10 reasons I-1639 Sucks

1) additional financial barriers for low income residents
2) makes you criminally and civilly LIABLE if your firearm is stolen
3) makes all semi-automatic rifles “assault weapons”
4) LIFETIME annual background check required
5) lifetime waiver of health record privacy
6) requires concealed carry permit for all pistol or semi-automatic rifle purchases
7) training required before any purchase and every 5 years thereafter
8) denies 18-21 year olds the right to possess a .22 semi-automatic rifle
9) law enforcement officers required a concealed carry license to purchase rifle or pistol
10) requires a safe to store at home

Read more on the ills of the initiative in this article by Washington Arms Collectors

BUT here’s what the new Democrat controlled Washington State government will try to tax: INCOME. If there is any reason at all to vote for a Republican for State Senate, Rep or Governor, it’s this one thing: income tax. Mark our words kiddo’s: this D led group will try to take away your income. Stay focused. Vote down this initiative and keep your eyes wide open and wallet shut to the cash grab.