Vote NO on I-594

At Thursday night's meeting (8/21/14) of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee, the Precinct Committee Officers passed a Resolution urging a NO vote on Washington Initiative 594.  

The resolution highlights numerous critical flaws in the initiative and demonstrates how it is actually an assault on free people with no hope of reducing the number of firearms in the hands of criminals.

The Clark County Republican Party urges a NO vote on Initiative 594.

Click on link below to read the complete resolution.

I-594 Resolution

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  • William Sterr
    commented 2014-10-03 15:38:10 -0700
    Aaron. You begin your comment with “all due respect” but then accuse me of “blind support” for which you have no basis except that we disagree. Hardly the way to encourage thoughtful give and take.

    The key to one of your comments is “knowingly”. How can one knowingly sell or not sell a gun to a convicted felon, mental patient, or any other restricted group without checking? Yet you oppose a law that requires that such a check be made. In what way would that check inhibit your possession or lawful use of a firearm?

    The framers of the Initiative have repeatedly stated that activities such as you propose would not be prohibited, yet the claim is still made repeatedly and falsely.

    By the way, my wife’s photo somehow got attached to that post.
  • Aaron Nellermoe
    commented 2014-10-03 15:19:44 -0700
    With all due respect, Mr. or Ms. Sterr:

    Initiative 594 does nothing to prevent those prohibited to own guns from purchasing guns. It is already a felony to knowingly sell a gun to a prohibited person. This law is not enforced. There was something in the range of 10,000 failed National Instant Criminal Background Check System checks last year. 43 were investigated. Each of these is a potential felony. No one is bothering to enforce the laws already on the books. We do not need more laws.

    Additionally, initiative 594 redefines transfers in such a way that if I were to go sport shooting with my mother’s fiance, in order to teach him proper gun safety, we would both leave the gravel pits guilty of a felony. This is unconscionable. Your blind support of a bad law is similarly repugnant.
  • William Sterr
    commented 2014-09-22 19:34:21 -0700
    Here is some interesting information I recently came across: We learned on Wednesday that new research shows that there are 4,400 gun purchases in Washington EVERY YEAR by people who can’t legally own guns.

    Thanks to the huge loophole in our background check laws, thousands of guns are sold online without a background check by unlicensed sellers — where felons can get their hands on them. Not even a day later, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that Michael Joanen, a convicted felon who lives in Olympia, was arrested for buying and selling guns via Facebook, something he’d been doing for months. Believe it or not, while Joanen was being arrested another guy showed up to sell a gun to Joanen, who was convicted of robbery and possessing a stolen pistol, and hadn’t bothered to even ask him if he was legally allowed to purchase the gun.

    This is EXACTLY what we mean when we talk about the loophole — and why Washington needs to vote Yes on 594 to close this loophole in our law.

    As a party, the Republicans need to get behind I-594 instead of fighting it. Our own children’s safety is at stake!