Steve Hogan, City of Camas City Council

1. What has motivated you to step forward and run for office?stevehogan150.jpg

I have liked giving back to my community. Camas is a great community. God has blessed me with a strong background in business. I want to share those skills as a city council member.

2. What makes you better qualified for this position than your competing

My management background, my experience in both domestic and international business, my 8 years as a Camas city council member.

3. If you are running to affect change, what is it about the incumbent and/or the
governing body that needs changing?

As those of us who operate businesses know, the world nowadays is constantly changing. So, they way that both government and business think about what, how, when, where and why we are performing our functions and constantly question if what we are doing and the cost being paid is worth the value to our community.


4. In your opinion, what is the proper role of city/county/board (whichever one you
are running for office in) government?

To create a safe, productive, efficient and an attractive environment for all of the key stakeholders within the community.


5. Is there a difference between powers and rights?

Yes.  When we respect individual rights, we all become more powerful.

6. Do governments have rights?

Simply put, the answer is yes.  Individual rights are as important as government rights.


7. Where does the power of the office you are seeking come from?

The power comes from the ways our constitution and laws are written.

8. Can you define what the word "liberty" means to you?

 The right to do as I please as long as I do not violate the liberty and rights of my fellow citizens.

9. As a trustee of the public's funds how would you prioritize spending?

Safety is first, basic public services (city services such as sewer, roads, water. street lights) are second, thought and efficient planning of future community basic needs third, parks and rec and libraries fourth.

10. What projects should local government avoid?

Cities should avoid the social services areas.

11. What is your stance on the proposed CRC project?

Won't see that again for another 20 years.

12. Should the public have a right to vote on the light rail - tolling project called the

If they want to have the public pay for light rail, then the public should have the right to vote on light rail.

13. What do you think motivates those on the C-Tran Board who are denying the
public's right to vote on light rail in Clark County?

Don't know.

14. Will you unilaterally oppose any CRC proposal that includes light rail?

1. mute point, 2. if light rail ever shows up again, I will probably oppose it.

15. Is it ever proper for an office holder to go against the majority if he/she feels the
majority to be wrong or misled?

The answer is yes.  The responsibility of an elected person is to do what they think is right for the people who elected them.  It is rare that the majority is wrong.  So, if I find my viewpoint differing with the majority, I slow down and review the facts thoroughly before making a decision.

16. What are the most important issues facing the city/town/county/ board
(whatever entity you are running for office in) today and in the future?

The most important issues for the city of Camas is to continue to position the city to be successful in the future. The present must always be managed with an eye that sloppiness today may limit our potential successes in the future. So, we may have to continue to make choices today that are more conservative than other cities if those decisions to be conservative today position us to be more competitive than other cities at attracting businesses in the future. We need to continue to strive to keep Camas a property tax driven community as opposed to a sales tax driven community (sales tax driven communities are less successful at attracting large employers into their town). We need to continue to have no local utility taxes if we want to continue to attract employers. We must focus our city staff to make it easy for employers to open and operate businesses in our city limits.

17. What do you feel is the job description for the office you are seeking?

The role is to adopt and update ordinances of all kinds relating to and regulating the local and municipal affairs of the city.  The council members are responsible to oversee the finances and funding of activities of all city government. 

18. What ideas do you have to promote job creation and make our community more
business friendly?

The city must have long term strategies that strive to position Camas as a city with the motto "if you live in Camas, you work in Camas".  This is the motto that the city was originally established on when the paper mill was started.  It was re-established as our motto in the 1970's by our leaders.  It needs to continue to be our motto moving forward.  A high percentage of citizens of Camas work in Camas.  That is not true of Washougal, Vancouver and many other areas of Clark County where rapid transit to Portland may seem attractive.  We don't want a city of commuters.  We want a city of jobs and that is what we continue to strive for.  Although it is not legal in Washington state for cities to spend public dollars recruiting businesses, we do partner with the local Port of Camas-Washougal to recruit for us.  We are members of the Camas Washougal Economic Development Council and the CREDC.  We do not have local utility taxes imposed by our city.  We bend over backwards to make it easier for companies to relocate their businesses to the Camas area.  We support a strong public K-12 educational system in our city.  We focus on safety and EMS services to provide an attractive community for employers to attract top notch employees.  We need to continue these activities.

19. Ultimately, who or what is responsible for creating jobs?

Entrepreneurs and proper government balance to create the conditions for businesses to successfully compete in a highly competitive world market.

20. How much influence will the U.S. Bill of Rights and Washington's Constitutional
enumeration of rights have in your decision making when dealing with issues?

A lot.

21. What will be your greatest challenge if you are elected?

The greatest challenge will be to exceed the excellence in governing that the City of Camas elected predecessors have achieved in the previous 100 plus years of governing.  I am looking forward to doing as good or better job than they have done.

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