Central Committee Endorses 2016 Candidates

Press Release: Clark County Republican Party Nominates All Republican Primary Winners, Makes Ballot Recommendations

Vancouver, WA  8/27/16:    The Clark County Republican Central Committee provided guidance to voters Saturday by deciding which candidates to endorse in the November elections.  The Central Committee is the governing body of the Party consisting of the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) elected or appointed per state law.

All Republican candidates were invited to attend.  They were first nominated for the position by the PCOs within their district, that vote was consequently ratified by the entire body whereupon the candidate was invited to speak.  All Republican candidates received the nomination of the PCOs on Saturday.

After all the nominations and speeches were concluded, the PCOs met privately to discuss endorsements.  They had three options:

ENDORSE:           The party can actively support the candidate and the candidate has access to party resources.

NO POSITION:   The party will neither actively support nor actively oppose the candidate.  Access to party resources is limited.  This is the default position when the Precinct Committee Officers do not vote to “Endorse” or to “Oppose”.  If an endorsement motion fails, the position is “No Position” unless a specific motion to oppose passes.

OPPOSE:              The party MAY actively oppose the candidate but is not obligated to do so.  No access to party resources.

Following are the results of the meeting:

President - Endorse Donald Trump, Oppose: Hillary Clinton

US Senator – No Position: Chris Vance, Oppose: Patty Murray

US Representative, 3rd Dist. – No Position: Jaime Herrera Beutler, Oppose: Jim Moeller

Governor- Endorse: Bill Bryant, Oppose: Jay Inslee

Lt. Governor – Endorse: Marty McClendon, Oppose: Cyrus Habib

Secretary of State – Endorse: Kim Wyman, Oppose: Tina Podlodowski

State Treasurer – Endorse: Michael Waite, Endorse: Duane Davidson

State Auditor – Endorse: Mark Miloscia, Oppose:  Pat (Patrice) McCarthy

Attorney General – Endorse: Joshua Trumbull (L), Oppose: Bob Ferguson

Comm. Of Public Lands – Endorse: Steve McLaughlin, Oppose: Hilary Franz

Insurance Commissioner – Endorse: Richard Schrock, Oppose: Mike Kreidler

14th Leg District Senate - Endorse: Amanda Richards (75% supermajority required, motion to endorse passed unanimously), No Position: Curtis King

14th Leg District Representative Pos 1 – Endorse: Norm Johnson, Oppose: Susan Soto Palmer

14th Leg District Representative Pos 1 – Endorse: Gina McCabe, Oppose: John (Eric) Adams

17th Leg District Senate – Endorse: Lynda Wilson, Oppose: Tim Probst

17th Leg District Representative Pos 1 – Endorse: Vicki Kraft, Oppose: Sam Kim

17th Leg District Representative Pos 2 – Endorse: Paul Harris, Oppose: Martin Hash

18th Leg District Senate – No Position: Ann Rivers (Subsequent motion to oppose Rivers failed 21–22), Oppose: Eric K. Holt

18th Leg District Representative Pos 1 – Endorse: Brandon Vick, Oppose: Justin Oberg

18th Leg District Representative Pos 2 – Endorse: Liz Pike, Oppose: Kathy Gillespie

20th Leg District Senate – Endorse: John Braun

20th Leg District Representative Pos 1 – Endorse: Richard DeBolt

20th Leg District Representative Pos 2 – Endorse: Ed Orcutt

49th Leg District Senate – Endorse: Lewis Gerhardt, Oppose: Annette Cleveland

49th Leg District Representative Pos 1 – Oppose: Sharon Wylie, Kaitlyn Beck

49th Leg District Representative Pos 2 – Oppose: Monica Stonier, Alishia Topper

Clark County Council Dis 3 – Oppose: John Blom, Tanisha Harris

Clark County Council Dis 4 – Endorse: Eileen Quiring, Oppose: Roman Battan

Supreme Court Justice Pos 1 – Endorse: David DeWolf (Motion to endorse passed unanimously)

Supreme Court Justice Pos 5 – Endorse: Greg Zempel (Motion to endorse passed unanimously), Oppose: Barbara Madsen

Supreme Court Justice Pos 6 – Dave Larson (Motion to endorse passed unanimously)

Clark PUD Pos 2 – Endorse: Nancy Barnes

The PCOs also voted to oppose Initiatives 732, 735 & 1464.

For more information, contact Chairman Kenny Smith at 360-521-8565 or KennySmith@ClarkRepublicans.com

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CCRP Endorses "Write In Liz Pike" Campaign

For Immediate Release August 28th 2015

CCRP Endorses Write In Liz Pike campaign, and additional candidates, in the 2015 General Election.

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, the Clark County Republican Party Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) considered their options in the County Chair race.

They met next door to Shared Hope International, the acclaimed non-profit organization founded by Clark County’s last victorious write-in candidate, Linda Smith.

Finding themselves without a conservative candidate in the race for county chair, the Republican PCOs overwhelmingly endorsed the Write In Liz Pike for County Chair campaign. They took the additional step to officially oppose the candidacies of Marc Boldt and Mike Delasandro for the same position.

Noting that the conservative credentials of Liz Pike are unquestioned, and that she has stated she would serve if elected through this draft campaign, over 79% of the voting PCOs expressed their belief that writing in Liz Pike for County Chair was the best option for the future of Clark County government.

This is exciting news for conservatives of Clark County who are frustrated by the lack of a Republican on the November ballot. The success of this campaign will depend on each voter recruiting others to write in the name of Liz Pike in the County Chair race.

We are confident that a universally respected leader like Liz Pike is the winning formula for Clark County.

Other endorsements on Wednesday included Julie Olson for County Councilor, District 2; Dick Rylander, Battle Ground School Board; Rosemary Fryer, Vancouver School Board; Lisa Ross, Port Commission. Prior endorsements include Frank Decker for Evergreen School Board and Dan Coursey for Washougal City Council.

For additional information contact:
Kenny Smith, Chairman 
Clark County Republican Party 

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Defeat the Freeholders' Charter

At the Thursday, August 22nd meeting of the Clark County Republican Central Committee, the Precinct Committee Officers passed a "Resolution to Defeat the Freeholders' Charter".  The resolution highlights four principles of good governance and then demonstrates how the proposed charter fails to serve on those points and therefore deserves to be defeated in November.  The four areas are:

The Republican Party believes that transparency is essential to good governance.

The Republican Party is deeply committed to the principle that government must be accountable and responsive to the citizens it serves.

The Republican Party believes in the importance of checks and balances on power.

The Republican Party is an advocate for limited and cost-effective government.

 The resolution then closes with "Whereas, the Freeholders’ Charter unnecessarily changes this long established form of  County government.

Now therefore, be it resolved, we the Clark County Republican Party urge the defeat of the Freeholders’ Charter when it appears on the November 2014 ballot."

To see the resolution, please click on the link below. 

Resolution to Defeat the Charter

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Vote NO on I-594

At Thursday night's meeting (8/21/14) of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee, the Precinct Committee Officers passed a Resolution urging a NO vote on Washington Initiative 594.  

The resolution highlights numerous critical flaws in the initiative and demonstrates how it is actually an assault on free people with no hope of reducing the number of firearms in the hands of criminals.

The Clark County Republican Party urges a NO vote on Initiative 594.

Click on link below to read the complete resolution.

I-594 Resolution

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New Leadership Elected

For Immediate Release 2/24/2014

Contact: Kenny Smith KennySmith@ClarkRepublicans.com

Clark County Republican Party Elects New Chairman & Vice Chairman

New Chairman Kenny Smith thanks Lynda Wilson for her service to the local GOP.  Her remarkable success as chairman resulted in overwhelming calls to run for the State Legislature.  Lynda Wilson resigned to concentrate on her 17th District Representative campaign.  Her website can be found at electLyndaWilson.com/ . Vice chairman Steve Nelson also resigned as the bylaws required him to become chairman though other obligations precluded him from assuming the role.  He will continue to be active in the party.

VANCOUVER, WA.  On February 11th, 2014, 139 Republican Precinct Committee Officers met at Clark College’s Columbia Tech Center and elected Kenny Smith and Brenda Poletti as their Chairman and Vice Chairman.



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Chairman Wilson to Resign






January 14th, 2014

Contact: Lynda Wilson, Chairman, Clark County Republican Party


It is with both sadness and pride that I must announce that the Clark County Republican Party Board of Directors has received notice from Chairman Lynda Wilson of her intent to resign as Chairman effective January 31st.  News came in a letter from Chairman Wilson siting the need to focus on her campaign for State House of Representatives in the 17th District.

Pursuant to the governing bylaws of the Clark County Republican Party it is my duty and intent to call a special meeting of the Central Committee in order to elect a new Chairman as quickly as possible. This will ensure the continued efficient operation of the Clark County Republican Party.   Precinct Committee Officers should monitor their email for a future call to the previously mentioned special meeting.

We wish Lynda Wilson much luck in her future endeavors and thank her for her service.


Steven J. Nelson

Vice-Chairman, Clark County Republican Party


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Delavar Steps Down

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:be-the-party_338x410.jpg



November 7, 2013

Contact: Lynda Wilson, Chairman, Clark County Republican Party


On November 6th The Clark County Republican Party Chairman Lynda Wilson received a letter of resignation from the Board’s Permanent Parliamentarian, Michael Delavar. We thank him for his dedicated and fair service.

James Randall will serve as Parliamentarian until such time as a replacement is deemed necessary. 


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Open Letter to Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:be-the-party_sliced.jpg


October 18, 2013

Contact: Lynda Wilson, Chairman, Clark County Republican Party


The Clark County Board of Directors have issued the attached open letter to Congress Woman Jaime Herrera Beutler regarding public comments made on October 15th, 2013 and the October 16th vote on the Continuing Resolution 

 Click here to see letter


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CCRP Office To Be Closed






September 5, 2013

Contact: Lynda Wilson, Chairman, Clark County Republican Party


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Statement on the Columbia River Crossing

The Clark County Republican Party is pleased with the apparent outcome of the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project.  Our membership has made it apparent that they were firmly against the project and made their sentiments known at the recent 2nd quarter Central Committee meeting where a resolution was passed unanimously that opposed the project. 


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