Mielke Press Release

Mielke Announces Run for Chairman of Board of County Councilors

Press Release:

Clark County Councilor Tom Mielke is announcing his campaign to seek the election to the new Clark County Charter created permanent Chairman position.

In November 2014, after the passing of the County Charter form of government, then Commissioner Tom Mielke announced that he would run for the newly created position of Chairman of the Board of County Councilors.

Tom's filings with the Public Disclosure Commission show he has already received donations in excess of $11,000 to start his campaign.

Councilor Tom Mielke has served twice as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners over the past six years and agrees with the concept that this new position needs to start with someone with direct experience with county government and not someone new or with less experience.  Tom has that experience and a proven record, serving eight years as a State Representative for the 18th Legislative District and now over six years as a County Commissioner for Clark County.

A former successful business owner and a conservative Republican, Tom has been elected two times countywide; the second time by a resounding margin.  Humbled and honored by his reelection, Tom has a  proven record of listening to and serving the people.  Since Tom's first election to the Board of Clark County Commissioners, he has been working to turn Clark County into an affordable place to live with good paying jobs for a good quality of life.  A father, grandfather and great grandfather, he knows what it takes to keep Clark County a great place to raise our families.

Tom has enjoyed serving the people and businesses of this wonderful county and looks forward to serving another four years as your Chairman of the Board of County Councilors.