Operation Freeholder


Dear Fellow Republicans, 

Tuesday, June 4th at the County Commissioner meeting all three of the County Commissioners voted for a Resolution to elect a Board of Freeholders.  There will be 5 Freeholders for each commissioner districts totaling 15 in all.  These Freeholders will be elected November 5, 2013. 

This Board of Freeholders has only one stated purpose: to prepare and propose to the electorate a “home rule” charter for the county.  Clark County is currently a “general law” county, meaning its form of governance is limited to that prescribed by the Washington Legislature.  A home rule charter is a path for the electorate to create a new form of governance for the county, within limitations.  In essence, a charter does not change the role and authority of a county, but it does allow voters to provide for a different form of county government.  

Since it is the Freeholders that write the charter, you can see that having leaders with limited government and individual liberty principles elected to these 15 positions is paramount.  One of the goals that most feel would benefit the people is the opportunity to have the initiative and referendum processes available.  If the Freeholders chose to, they could add that requirement to the charter. 

Of course, there are parameters this new charter must follow.  Those of the Washington State Constitution are the highest.  I have included a link to the Washington State Constitution for your convenience.  Please click here to view it.   The section that pertains to the home rule charter is Article XI, Section 4. 

To review the Resolution, please read it here


The Freeholders shall be elected to a term of office commencing the day following the certification of the general election and ending December 31, 2014, or upon submission of a draft charter for a public vote, whichever comes first.  The hope is that the process can be completed prior to the November 2014 election, as it would save the county about $70,000 if it did. 

 Please consider running for this office.   I have also attached the maps of the commissioner districts for you so that you may determine which district you reside and would ultimately file in.  That link is here

 The Clark County Republican Party is considering providing an informational seminar regarding Home Rule and Freeholders.  Please watch your email for details.


 Lynda Wilson

Chairman, Clark County Republican Party


Free seminar on June 29th.  For details click here.

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