Open Letter Regarding C-Tran and CRC Contract


In an open letter on behalf of the Clark County Republican Party Board, Chairman Lynda Wilson stated the following.

"Three months ago the Clark County Republican Central Committee passed a Resolution strongly opposing the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project.  We realized that it is a bloated, extremely poorly planned project that the majority of Clark County voters do not want.  Yet, just over a week ago an elite group of five ordained themselves as Kings and ruled-by hook or by crook- that the CRC would be forcefully and firmly thrust upon the citizens of Clark County."Dear Citizens of Clark County.

View video from October 8th C-Tran Rally and Protest

The letter continues.........

We find it reprehensible and question the legality that these officials are so hell bent on bringing light rail into Vancouver, that they would hand over eminent domain and tolling authority to an incompetent and essentially insolvent government agency of the state of Oregon.

To bind us to a contract that cannot be undone, have zero recourse and be fined a mere $5 million should any part of that contract be broken, amounts to an absolute breach of fiduciary responsibility.

It is highly suspect as to the processes used to ensnare our county with this economically unsound project that ties to us a nearly bankrupt transit system (Tri-Met).   Agreements, resolutions and contracts concocted either in the dead of night and/or outside of proper boundaries bring into question the character and agenda of many.

It may take very expensive legal processes, if anything can be done, to rectify this debacle.  As for the players in this mire, the good citizens of Clark County know what must be done.  If those that are elected choose no longer to represent the will of the people, they must be removed by those same unrepresented people. 

Some of you are up for re-election next month, (Leavitt, Onslow) others a year (Mr. Stuart) or more from now (Smith, Hansen).  You have to know you have not only awakened the proverbial sleeping giant but that giant has been crossed in a big way.  These giants don’t like irresponsible, unaccountable, reckless, lawless and negligent politicians. 

We wish to reach out to all of those (regardless of party affiliation or ideology) who despise despotism and cronyism to stand against this latest example of malfeasance. Lord Acton’s words still ring true today, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Lynda Wilson

Chairman, Clark County Republican Party"

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