Make a Pledge for Highly Visible, Long-Term Office Space


The party has established a budget for a basic office during this election season. However, some have indicated enthusiasm for a much higher quality, higher visibility and longer term location. We have found some great properties, such as this highly visible and centrally located one in Five Corners with outstanding signage, but need a real commitment from supporters to make this type of property feasible. Time is of the essence because we must open an office soon. There is no time for a long fundraising effort.

If we can get a commitment of $1500 PER MONTH in monthly recurring donations, specifically for this purpose, I believe the board will allow us to negotiate the lease.

This page is ONLY a pledge -- i.e. your actual donation will not need to be paid unless we receive adequate pledges to make the project viable

If you would like to see an outstanding office space become reality, pledge your support with a monthly contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 or more.


Who's pledging

$460.00 pledged

How much will you pledge to donate on 09:00 PM PDT on June 06 2014?