October 18th, 2017 PRESS RELEASE


The Clark County Republican Party held a special meeting on October 17, 2017 which was called by a petition of the Clark County Republican Central Committee in concordance with the bylaws of the organization.

By majority vote, the members removed State Committeeman Joseph Wagner, State Committeewoman Katja Delavar and Treasurer Suzanne Gerhardt. We thank them for their service to the party. An election immediately followed the vote to fill the vacated positions.

By majority vote, the members elected Joel Mattila as State Committeeman, Stacie Jesser as State Committeewoman and Joseph Delli Gatti as Treasurer. We thank these individuals for stepping up to serve and look forward to a positive road ahead. Each one of these individuals has been involved with the party and demonstrated their commitment to a positive working environment. We are confident in their abilities.

The new board is committed to re-focusing the Clark County Republican Party leadership on the purpose of the party as outlined in our bylaws, and creating a party that works togther. We are committed to working with all Republicans and creating opportunities for those interested to get involved. We ask for support through this transition from our members and Republicans in the community as we work towards our common goals and agendas.

We thank every one of the members who participated in the process at our special meeting. One hundred and thirty-seven of our one hundred and seventy-one members were in attendance. Despite disagreements on some issues, our common values and principles and our desire to make a positive difference in the community is what brings us together. In future years we have the opportunity to ensure what unites us will be at the forefront of what we do and stand for. Let us work together and set an example of what it means to be a Republican.