No On Charter Resource Page

Vote No on County Charter!

The Clark County Republican Party urges voters to reject the county charter this November. Below are some resources to help you understand why.

Clark County Charter

Read the proposal yourself here.

Clark County Republican Response

On August 21, the Republican PCO's joined together and voted on a "Resolution to Defeat the Freeholders' Charter."  Read the resolution here. In summary, the resolution affirms the following principles.

1. The Republican Party believes that transparency is essential to good governance. 
2. The Republican Party is deeply committed to the principle that government must be accountable and responsive to the citizens it serves.
3. The Republican Party believes in the importance of checks and balances on power.
4. The Republican Party is an advocate for limited and cost-effective government.

Local Businesses Speak Out Against the Charter

Local businessman, AJ Gomez, fears the charter will destroy the connection between citizens and their elected representatives.  Watch this video for the reasons he urges voters to Vote No!

Joe Millea describes the trials and tribulations of dealing with the Clark County bureaucracy and how the direct action by a commissioner saved his business. Watch his video.

Local Leader Says No to Charter

Tom Mielke will Vote No on the charter. Watch his video to see why. Here is a statement he has released.

Grass Roots Response to the Charter

Citizens have joined together to educate voters about the Charter. The website looks at the charter from several different angles. Please check out the site and support them as you feel led.

Local Blogger Says No

Read this short but informative piece by Gary Wiram over at Here I Raise My Ebenezer.

The Case For and Against is Made to the Columbian Editorial Board

Read this article recounting the arguments for and against the Charter as Nan Henriksen (for) and Judity Anderson (against) discuss their views.  The article includes a video of this discussion.

Freedom Foundation's Glen Morgan Looks Skeptically at Charter

Read this informative piece about the unintended consequences of charters that have been considered around Washington State, with a specific focus on the Clark County proposal.

More Resources?

In an effort to let citizens fully realize the troubling aspects of the charter, we want to share as many perspectives as possible. Do you know of other resources to help Clark County Citizens understand why the charter should be voted against?  Please let Kenny Smith know!  Contact him at and we will update this page.

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  • Tzipi Hartson
    commented 2014-09-27 20:15:26 -0700
    In speaking with a number of SBO’s, small business owners, it becomes clear their frustration with the voluminous regulations micro-managing the minutia of how one can conduct their business and the costs of such intrusive regulations, is creating a backlash, a NO on further additional govt growth, of which the new proposed charter is designed to do. SBO’s are more sensitive to & feel new/higher taxation than the ordinary citizen because they pay far more types of taxes, fees, licenses, whatever govt wants to call them, a tax is a tax!
    Nevertheless, my concern, in addition to that of the SBO is the high unemployment rate here in Clark County. Increasing the growth of government reduces the productivity of the private sector. IOW, chases away job creators because larger govt means more taxes to pay for it. That is a disincentive to new businesses. Can we really afford to chase job creators away?

    And what about the Clark County resident desperate enough for work, they must seek jobs in Portland, Oregon, not only paying Oregon income taxes on their wages, but paying for the high costs of commuting!

    This new charter is proposed, supported & pushed hard by the Pro-BIG Govt freeholders & those already sucking out the life blood of the taxpayers’ paychecks who were also behind pushing hard to get the CRC/BRT into Vancouver. Not to mention the Party of BIG Govt pouring BIG money into passing the new proposed charter. Look at the yard signs favoring Democrat candidates.

    The new charter is nothing short of a backdoor pathway to forcing the CRC/BRT upon the very residents who have voted both the previous charters AND the CRC/BRT down how many times before? Gotta give credit for never giving up. But I feel offended that these folks with their conflicts of interest, these takers living off our paychecks, repeatedly disrespect my & the majority of others’ votes!

    Again, I ask, can our residents afford the high cost of the CRC/BRT, the additional gas taxes it will add, and the additional taxes to pay for it? Increased costs of commuting and resident taxes for decades to come in a county with already high unemployment. It just makes no fiscal sense!

    While the current county commissioners have broken ground to reduce the budget, even putting the budget online for citizens to peruse, and they are working hard at making the various departments more transparent, fiscally, and more responsive to our needs, there is much yet to be done. They’ve made our parks free to use, and they have also broken ground in the permitting processes, encouraging building, encouraging businesses to move here to create sorely needed jobs for the residents.

    Reality is that we are not a wealthy county, as one can see by the increased number of homeless, the people hanging out around our urban core streets and parks, the crime, the overwhelmed charities unable to meet the needs of the needy.

    The county needs to live within a budget that the less fortunate citizens of the county can afford, of which I am one. I simply cannot afford the coming tsunami of taxation that will occur under the newest proposed charter & the backdooring of the CRC/BRT. Listening to SBO’s & realtors who have expressed to me that the economy has NOT in fact picked up, regardless of what we are being told. One told me that in 47 years in the business, he has never seen the economy like this, not even during the Carter years!

    Looking at the charter in terms of fiscal soundness, it is ludicrous to say that it will benefit our residents now nor in the next several years.
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    No On Charter Resource Page gives voters several different perspectives on why they should Vote No on the charter!
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    No On Charter Resource Page gives voters several different perspectives on why they should Vote No on the charter!