Micheline Doan, City of Vancouver City Council Pos. 1

1. What has motivated you to step forward and run for office?doan.jpg

There are many decisions the majority of the City Council have made that I do not believe are in the best interest of the Vancouver citizens but the reason I am running is because Jack Burkman voted over and over again to stop the people from voting on light rail.  When light rail appeared on the ballot it was voted down but the people’s vote was ignored by Burkman.  This is not a man who listens to the people. 

2. What makes you better qualified for this position than your competing candidates? 

I believe I understand the city problems in Vancouver more than my opponents.  I want to step out of the constant development/ tax abatement circle that is promoted by the incumbent.  I have dealt with  the city council with my own neighborhood problems which are still ongoing which gives me an understanding of the working of the city.  I am an advocate for prioritizing our city budget and providing a more balanced approach to Operations and Maintenance budget and Capital Expenditures.  I would be another voice on the council that would be in lockstep a majority of the time with Councilwoman Jeanne Steward who is a true voice of the people.

3. If you are running to affect change, what is it about the incumbent and/or the governing body that needs changing? 

They claim they are listening to the people but their actions say otherwise.  We need to reinstate the public comment portion of the City Council and we need more citizen forums that give the residents of Vancouver an opportunity to question the Council.

4. In your opinion, what is the proper role of city/county/board government?
The City Council are representatives of the people.  They are responsible for supplying amble financial resources for the police and fire to ensure the safety and security of the city.  They oversee budgets for operations and maintenance of city services such as streets, water, sewer and city parks.  The Council is responsible for zoning and coding in the city.  These responsibilities should be carried out with the best interest of the Vancouver citizens in mind. 

5. Is there a difference between powers and rights?
We have unalienable Rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (private property rights) granted to us by God.  The Bill of Rights in the American Constitution illuminates these rights.  The Constitution also outlines the powers that government is granted through the constitution.  They are what set up our representative government and is what limits the powers of government over the people.  To me this the difference between powers and rights.   

6. Do government have rights?
No, government is set up by the people and all people are granted rights.
7. Where does the power of the office you are seeking come from?
The powers of the City Council come from the City Charter.

8. Can you define what the word “liberty” means to you?
Liberty to me is the right to live as I choose, to believe as I see fit, to own property and to speak without the fear of punishment. 

9. As a trustee of the public’s funds how would you prioritize spending?
As a City Council member it is by state law my number one priority to make sure our city is funding a police and fire department for the safety and security of the city.  Next the priorities of a city are water and sewer services, streets and street maintenance, then there is the maintenance of public areas and ensuring, again for safety, the placements of sidewalks.  There is also the responsibility of supplying public transportation.  Then the maintenance of public places and our parks is necessary.   These are the areas of the budget I would prioritize. 

10. What projects should local government avoid? 
Anything that is not covered in the City Charter is not where the City Council should waste their resources and any area that is under the jurisdiction of another form of government.  We should partner with our Ports and our County to advise the effect of their projects on the city but we should not overstep our jurisdiction. 

11. What is your stance on the proposed CRC project?
A new bridge on I-5 was secondary to the CRC and light rail was their priority.  Their bridge design was faulty and the CRC should never be resurrected.

12. Should the public have a right to vote on the light rail-tolling project called the CRC?
Yes without a doubt.  Anything that the people will carry the brunt of the cost for should call for a vote of the people.

13. What do you think motivates those on the C-Tran Board who are denying the public’s right to vote on light rail in Clark County?
They were motivated by personal or financial gain. 

14. Will you unilaterally oppose any CRC proposal that includes light rail?
Yes, we do not have the density in population or tax base to cover this expensive form of mass transit.

15. Is it ever proper for an office holder to go against the majority if he/she feels the majority to be wrong or misled?
Only if there is an eminent danger to the safety or security of the citizen (and I do not mean a perceived or made up fear of danger) then there may be a need to overrule the majority.

16. What are the most important issues facing the city today and in the future?

Zoning and coding is the determining factor in bringing light industry to our city and this is what creates family wage jobs.  We need to create a better Vision for Vancouver development plan.  This is important to jobs and tax revenue. 

17. What do you feel is the job description for the office you are seeking?
Policy leadership and overseer of the city budget

18. What ideas do you have to promote job creation and make our community more business friendly? 
As I stated above, I would redesign the Vision of Vancouver and re-examine our zoning and coding.  I would also not only streamline the processes for starting a business in Vancouver, I would make the processes more consistent instead of always changing the rules from one city department to another.

19.  Ultimately, who or what is responsible for creating jobs?
Entrepreneurs are the only ones who can create jobs.  As a City Council member I can only do what I can to make it easier for their creations. 

20. How much influence will the U. S. Bill of Rights and Washington’s Constitution enumeration of rights have in your decision making when dealing with issues?
The first article of the Washington state constitution states “and government derives their just powers from the consent of the governed” which means to me that the people have a right to initiative and to a vote on projects that affect them greatly monetarily.   My decisions would always be influenced by the consent and opposition of the people.

21. What will be your greatest challenge if you are elected?

The greatest challenge will be balancing our land use plan to bring the right amount of use to light industry, commercial and housing while allowing for natural land use the is good for the citizens of this city.  It is a challenge I look forward to. 


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