Membership Levels

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Your support helps the Clark County Republican Party be the activist, agenda driving party which can make a difference in our community and our state.

Membership levels are one way you can support the party.  There are also monthly recurring donation options which will build a strong foundation from which future campaigns can launch.

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Monthly contributions, no matter how small, add up to regular, reliable support for the party.  Please consider making a monthly commitment to the CCRP.  Your monthly donation will help fund ongoing efforts from campaign assistance, independent expenditure campaigns, and publicity and promotional efforts to build the Republican brand in Clark County.

If every PCO only had a $10/mo contribution, that would be over $2000/mo in revenue we could rely on to be there month after month.  If each of those PCOs got only 4 people in their precincts to commit to $5/mo each, that would be $5000/mo the party could count on and use it to budget for major campaigns to promote conservative values and candidates, the likes of which we have not seen before in Clark County.  

With lots of publicity, great campaigns -- both political and educational, and YOUR SUPPORT, we can make the "low-information voter" an endangered species in Clark County!

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A one time donation is equally appreciated.  No amount is too small.