Lewis Gerhardt, Town of Yacolt Councilor

1. What has motivated you to step forward and run for office?Garr.jpg

 A desire to better my community.

2. What makes you better qualified for this position than your competing candidates?

I do not believe that I am better qualified than anyone. I do believe that citizens are best qualified to make decisions, I'm more willing to listen to them because I'm less "qualified".

3. If you are running to affect change, what is it about the incumbent and/or the governing body that needs changing?

Our current Council is very strong. Any change that I hope to influence would be regional. 

4. In your opinion, what is the proper role of city/county/board (whichever one you are running for office in) government?

The role of the Council is to listen to the community, make decisions that best serve the people while protecting the freedoms and rights of all.

5. Is there a difference between powers and rights?

Power is easily abused and must be limited. Rights are undeniable and should not be restricted.

6. Do governments have rights?

No. Or at least shouldn't. Government officials are "Public Servants" not "Leaders". Servants have no rights, only obligations.

7. Where does the power of the office you are seeking come from?
The citizens of Yacolt

8. Can you define what the word "liberty" means to you?

As Thomas Jefferson stated, Liberty is the right to do as one chooses, so long as it does not interfere with the liberty of another.

9. As a trustee of the public's funds how would you prioritize spending?

 Spending must always be prioritized second to Not Spending... "Can we not spend this?" Is always the first question.

10. What projects should local government avoid?

Anything it cannot afford, projects that do not solve a major need or projects in which future financial impacts cannot be determined.

11. What is your stance on the proposed CRC project?

CRC, though now dead, was a ridiculous project. Did nothing to solve congestion issues, failed to serve current or future waterway users.

12. Should the public have a right to vote on the light rail - tolling project called the

Public should have the right vote on anything the people wish yo vote on.

13. What do you think motivates those on the C-Tran Board who are denying the
public's right to vote on light rail in Clark County?

Their need to leave legacy, the politicians who are pushing this have spent too much time and reputation on this project. If it doesn't get built, their time in office has no significant impact.

14. Will you unilaterally oppose any CRC proposal that includes light rail?

As currently structured, yes. Future proposals would need considered on their own merits.

15. Is it ever proper for an office holder to go against the majority if he/she feels the
majority to be wrong or misled?

No. A better course would be to inform, make your points and ask again. But you must follow the people. We are servants.

16. What are the most important issues facing the city/town/county/ board (whatever entity you are running for office in) today and in the future?

 Budgeting, Washington laws and economic situations have reduced our revenues while increasing costs. 

17. What do you feel is the job description for the office you are seeking?

 A Council member is elected by the people to serve the interests of the Town. Not only locally, but also to be a representative and advocate to higher government. 

18. What ideas do you have to promote job creation and make our community more business friendly?

Taxes for businesses must be reduced if we hope employers to higher people. Those employed will pay the taxes. 

19. Ultimately, who or what is responsible for creating jobs?

Employers are, however they have been restricted by government.

 20. How much influence will the U.S. Bill of Rights and Washington's Constitutional enumeration of rights have in your decision making when dealing with issues?

 Always number one. The constitution, state or US, is the supreme law.

21. What will be your greatest challenge if you are elected?

 No response given