Herrera Beutler Statement on ACA Court Decision

Yesterday, two federal courts announced opposing decisions on cases questioning the legality of the IRS to provide subsidies for those buying insurance on the federal health care exchange. Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) released the following statement after the DC Court of Appeals decision which ruled against the government position.

“This ruling against one of the health care law’s central pillars is just one latest reminder of how problem-riddled and unworkable the Affordable Care Act is.  Five years ago, Congress hastily passed this massive health care bill in order to find out what it did – and since then, Southwest Washington families have seen their premiums go up, their plans cancelled, the loss of their doctors, and their access to care limited.  In Washington state, just this week we found out that the health care coverage of 6,000 Washington state residents has been jeopardized over yet another of the law’s ‘glitches.’  We don’t need any more glaring reminders that our region needs better patient-centered health care reform that makes health care more accessible, affordable and higher quality for everyone.  There are better solutions to ensure Americans who are young, or struggling, or living with a pre-existing condition can access good health care.”