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I am very excited for what 2018 has in store for our Young Republicans in Clark County.

A group of passionate individuals have come together and are dedicated to leading this effort. We have not seen an organized conservative group from the millennial generation active in Clark County or even Washington State. In order to help raise up the future leaders of our county, state, and nation, we are dedicated to helping provide a platform from which to launch.

As part of this effort, the Clark County Republican Party is making an active attempt to include young speakers who draw in the next generation as well as experienced speakers who have stood for solid conervative principles and lead the conservative movement for some time. At an event last year, we had Fox News contributor, Tomi Lahren, along with conservative talk show host Lars Larson, and the result was fantastic!

This year's annual Lincoln Day Dinner will include a leading voice for the next generation on college campuses, Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk, along with others speakers such as Dino Rossi, a long-time and well-known conservative leader in Washington State who is currently running for congress.

We recently added a tab on our homepage to share information about the Clark County Young Republicans.

Please follow their Facebook Page as well.

The official criteria for Young Republicans is any Republican under the age of 40. If this describes you, please join the movement! If you are a more experienced Republican, please support the movement in whatever way you are able.

Thank you for the support.


Chairman, David Gellatly




The 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner with Tomi & Lars



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