From the Chairman's Desk-Special Update

Pike Files as an Official Write-In Candidate!

The Clark County Republican Party is very excited to report that Representative Liz Pike filed as an official write-in candidate for the County Chair position!  The Precinct Committee Officers courageously and overwhelmingly endorsed the plan at our August 26th meeting.

Please like the Facebook page: and sign up to volunteer on the website:  This is a massive effort requiring maximum participation, but it will be accomplished when we all work together.  And what a reward for our efforts!  Liz Pike's energy, enthusiasm, positive attitude and great communication skills clearly make her the superior candidate.   We are extremely fortunate to have this opportunity.   

Below is the press release she issued earlier today:

Liz Pike Registers As Official Write-In Chair Candidate: "Every Vote Must Count."

On Friday, Sept. 18th, Washington State Representative Liz Pike (R-Camas) filed a declaration of candidacy as an official write-in candidate for the Clark County Council Chair position.

“Here we are at the end of the 2015 campaign season. I have remained consistent in my position that I will serve if elected Clark County Council Chair and that I would not actively campaign," said Pike. "I have kept my word."

"It has come to my attention that broad leeway is given in tabulating ballots cast for write-in candidates who have officially registered over other write-in candidates who are not registered. The sole point of registering as an official write-in candidate is to ensure that no Clark County voter is disenfranchised and that every legal vote counts," said Pike.

“I’m very grateful to receive the official Clark County Republican Party endorsement for county chair,’’ Pike said. “I appreciate the trust and confidence placed in me by this grass roots volunteer organization. Under these circumstances I would have loved to campaign full-time for this important job. However, I said all along that my first duty is to represent the citizens of the 18th District in our State Capital. I also gave my word that I would proudly serve as Chair if the citizens elect me in a successful write-in campaign. I am honoring these commitments. I am keeping my word,’’ stated Pike.

When asked how she plans to vote, Pike said, “I will write in Liz Pike for county chair because strong leadership cannot wait.’’

Here is our recent Reflector ad.   With your help we will have ads and signs everywhere.  There are lots of ways to participate.  Please click on the links above and get connected so we can all get our neighbors to Write in Liz Pike!

Thank you so much for your support, and as always, I am available to you at any time.

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party