From the Chairman's Desk-October 25, 2016

Republican HQ is open Monday through Saturday from noon - 6pm. 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver. 

Please share our Ballot Recommendations page.  Included are links to the candidates, Voter Pamphlet page numbers, initiatives and advisory votes.  Print out a list of candidates here and stick it on your fridge for easy reference).

Share these links with your friends that want to dig deeper: 
1. Information on Clark County political candidates, that’s highly organized, factual and relevant. The evaluation process is criteria-based, consistent, objective, and results in an aggregate score for the candidates.  Political Candidate Evaluation Matrix by Jurisdiction.   Video that explains how to use the matrix.
2.  Family Policy Institute of Washington encourages you to use of IVoter guide.
3.  SW Washington's Pro-Life Ballot Site:

Will Christians vote this year?  It is reported that 35 million Christians did not vote in 2012.  Can we motivate them to vote this year?  Here are a couple short videos from the Family Policy Institute of Washington that should be helpful to our Christian friends and pastors: Why we must still vote & Why your church won’t lose its tax exempt status.  To find more resources from FPIW visit their website:

We need more callers and canvassers.  Please carve out some time during the next two weeks.  If you get discouraged by the constant bombardment of the mainstream media you NEED to spend time at HQ where we are encouraged every single day by our interaction with the voters.  Contact Kenny today for options to help while we still have time.  360-521-8565  We’ll make calls each day between noon and 9pm.

Windy weather and hard-working volunteers.  Whenever you see a sign in disrepair please stop and fix it.  Large or small signs.  You only need a couple tools: a hammer and a screw gun with Phillips and T25 Torx bit.  Feel free to stop and repair any Republican sign you see. 

Yard signs in abundance!  Please stop in and get some yard signs today!  Let’s get them out in public where they can do some good.  A sign in your yard is a personal recommendation that will garner votes.  We’re open noon – 6pm Monday through Saturday.  9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver.  360-695-1609.

Today:  Attendance / Activism Needed:  Domestic Energy / Jobs Public Hearing October 25th!!  If all us will attend the Army Corps of Engineers RIDGEFIELD Public Hearing regarding the Longview coal terminal, we can not only deliver a victory for Southwest Washington families who need great jobs, but we can also deliver a defeat to the anti-capitalist professional protester class, telling them their decades of fighting to de-industrialize our state are over!  It’s really worth 2 hours of our time, and watching the traveling liberal troubadours (like the singing grannies) will be entertaining too! 

Please go to this event registration page to RSVP.  Though the event is all day, we are just organizing to all be there from 4pm – 6pm.  Wear your brand!  Trump supporters – wear your Trump gear – make sure the left knows that Trump supporters are a local political force to be reckoned with.  Wear your GOP regalia or swag from your favorite local or statewide candidates.  Thank you!!   -Christian Berrigan, State Committeeman, Clark County Republican Party.  Event Registration (free)  Facebook Event RSVP:

2 weeks of pay available: WSRP has paid and unpaid election worker positions available in Clark County from now until Election Day.  Contact Hal Palmer via phone/text 360-431-2733 or email From Hal, “Each door knocked is one small act that will be the secret of our success.  Many doors knocked means that Candidates get votes and win!! With a little over two weeks we must cross the finish line together!”  There are other paid opportunities in the community for election

You can still register to vote, but it must be in person.  New registrations will still be accepted in person at the elections office through October 31st: 1408 Franklin Street, Vancouver - 360-397-2345.  You can check your voter registration status at but make changes and register only in person at the elections office.

Donald Trump campaign HQ is open for business 9am – 5pm. 7005 NE 179th St. Vancouver, WA (360) 979-1900.  They have supplies on hand such as signs and literature.  They would love to show you how to help get Donald Trump elected.  Please go give them a hand!

Coming Events (can also be viewed on our calendar)
The events listed may or may not be organized, sponsored or endorsed by the CCRP.  If you have events that you would like to see listed, please send them to

Clark County Event Center - Fairgrounds 17402 NE Delfel Rd, Ridgefield
We need to develop our domestic energy!  Our nominee, Donald Trump, along with many other Republican leaders have been calling for the development of our domestic natural resources and the jobs and prosperity which come along with it.  But there is no magic button in the Oval Office that can make that happen.  Implementing our conservative economic agenda requires LOCAL ACTIVISM.   Please register for the event, then go to the Facebook event and RSVP.  Thank you!!   -Christian Berrigan, State Committeeman. 

SIGN WAVE FOR VICKI KRAFT October 26, 4:00 – 6:00pm
Mill Plain & Chkalov Dr
Join us this week on Wed and Thurs Oct. 26 and 27 sign waving for Vicki KRAFT at Mill Plain and Chkalov Dr. From 4-6pm both days! 

SIGN WAVE FOR VICKI KRAFT October 27, 4:00 – 6:00pm
Mill Plain & Chkalov Dr
Join us for sign waving for Vicki KRAFT at Mill Plain and Chkalov Dr. We’ll have signs.  Just bring your enthusiasm!

Petra House, 1900 NE 162nd Avenue, Vancouver
All College and High School students are encouraged to meet Vicki, discuss issues and learn about her priorities for Clark County.  Eat dinner and enjoy free mint tea!  We look forward to having a discussion with young adults.

Clark County Republican Party HQ - 9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver
You should join Toastmasters for the camaraderie and self-confidence… Remember what Dale Carnegie said, “My training in public speaking has given me the confidence, courage, poise and ability to meet and deal with people in business more than all the rest of my college courses put together!”

SIGN WAVE WITH VICKI KRAFT! October 28, 4:00 – 6:00pm
Call for location 503-753-5101 or 714-321-2776
Join us rain or shine!. Help us spread the word to elect Vick Kraft for State Representative!

Clark County Republican Party HQ - 9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver
You are needed! The Washington State Republican Party has assembled a large canvassing team that has been working diligently in Clark County for all of us.  This Super Saturday we get to join them and 17th LD candidates Lynda Wilson, Paul Harris & Vicki Kraft.  Please be a part of it!  Experienced and novice canvassers welcomed.  You will be given everything you need. Bring your smart phone/device if you have one.

SIGN WAVE WITH VICKI KRAFT! October 29, 9:30 – 11:30am
Call for location 503-753-5101 or 714-321-2776
Join us rain or shine!. Help us spread the word to elect Vick Kraft for State Representative!

Deadline for new Washington Voters to Register in Person, October 31.  Please go to the Elections Office and register while there is still time! – 1408 Franklin, Vancouver.  360-397-2345.

117th & 4th Plain (SR500) 11712 NE Fourth Plain Blvd Autozone Parking Lot
Get up early to show support for Governor Candidate, Bill Bryant!  Bill will visit us once again, this time to sign wave in Orchards with other candidates and friends for the morning rush hour!  Rain or Shine, let's show this community that Bill has our support!  Lynda Wilson, Vicki Kraft, Paul Harris and other candidates will likely join us.

Clark County Republican Party HQ - 9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver
Enjoy some treats with Governor Candidate, Bill Bryant, as he stops by HQ on his second statewide bus tour.  Just like the last time he'll visit with voters, make calls from our call center and answer your questions.  Stop in and say hello! 

Club Green Meadows, 7703 NE 72nd Avenue, Vancouver
Come celebrate with us as we thank the Republican candidates, volunteers and voters for a remarkable election season.  Many candidates and their volunteers will join us in the celebration!

Individual Candidate Sites:
Federal Candidates:
Donald J. Trump - Local Facebook Group 
US Senate: Chris Vance  Social Media: Facebook , Twitter , YouTube
U.S. Congress: Re-Elect Jaime Herrera Beutler
Statewide Candidates:
Governor: Bill Bryant  Watch the second debate here.
Lt. Governor: Marty McClendon Grassroots Facebook Group
Secretary of State: Kim Wyman  Q13 Fox Voter's Guide
State Treasurer: Duane Davidson and Michael Waite 
State Auditor: Mark Miloscia
Attorney General – Joshua Trumbull (pg 77) (Libertarian)
Public Lands Commissioner: Steve McLaughlin
Insurance Commissioner – Richard Shrock
Supreme Court Justice
State Supreme Court Justice Pos 1: David DeWolf (Be sure to check out his 4-part video series)
State Supreme Court Justice Pos 5: Greg Zempel
State Supreme Court Justice Pos 6: Dave Larson
Legislative Candidates:
LD14 WA State Senate: Curtis King (Incumbent) and Amanda Richards (CCRP Endorsed)
LD14 WA State Representative Pos 1: Norm Johnson (Incumbent)
LD14 WA State Representative Pos 2: Gina McCabe (Incumbent)
LD17 WA State Senate: Lynda Wilson
LD17 WA State Representative Pos 1: Vicki Kraft
LD17 WA State Representative Pos 2: Paul Harris (Incumbent)
LD18 WA State Senate: Ann Rivers (Incumbent)
LD18 WA State Representative Pos 1: Brandon Vick (Incumbent)
LD18 WA State Representative Pos 2: Liz Pike (Incumbent)
LD20 WA State Senate: John Braun (Incumbent)
LD20 WA State Representative Pos 1: Richard DeBolt (Incumbent)
LD20 WA State Representative Pos 2: Ed Orcutt (Incumbent)
LD49 WA State Senate: Lewis Gerhardt County Candidates:
Clark County Council Pos. 4: Eileen Quiring
Clark PUD – Pos. 2 – Nancy Barnes

Call me.   I am available to you any time,

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party

We have trusted Global Security with our security needs for years.  Give them a call at 360-693-1900.


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