From The Chairman's Desk- November 9, 2014

Republicans Win 14 of 18 Clark County Races!

OUR CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS WORKED!  A BIG, heart-felt thank you to everyone who helped us with the GOTV effort.  Though the closest races (Jeanne Stewart for County Commissioner and Lynda Wilson for 17th LD Representative) seem secure, we will not slack off until every vote is counted.  Our volunteers have been with us every step of the way!  Even yesterday and today we had volunteers at the elections office monitoring ballot processing and people showed up in droves to cure ballots.  Lynda Wilson’s team cured ballots in the 17th LD with precision and we organized efforts in the remaining districts.  Great work, Team!

Click on the MyVote tab of the elections office website.  Enter your name and DOB. Hit continue.  Then on the left side, click “Ballot Status”.  You should receive this message: “ballot status 2014 General Election.  Your ballot has been received by the Clark County Auditor’s office.”   Contact the elections office if your ballot has not been received.  If you receive a letter from the elections office stating that there is a problem with your signature, please fill out the form immediately.  We are very close to the margin required for an automatic recount in the commissioner’s race.  A recount would cost the county thousands of dollars.  Let’s avoid the expense and hassle by getting every ballot we can right now.  Our elections office can be reached at 360-397-2345.

THE COMPLETE RUNDOWN: What a victory around the nation and here in Clark County where Republicans won 14 of 18 races!  Nine Republican women ran for office this year in Clark County compared to 4 Democrats.  Five Republican women were victorious, and one democrat. Here are the stats as of last Friday with 3200 ballots left to count:

WIN Jaime Herrera Buetler  US Congress Representative 59.41% Clark County, 61.53% Districtwide
WIN Norm Johnson 14th LD Representative 54.81% Clark County, 56.74% Districtwide
WIN Gina McCabe 14th LD Representative 66.72% Clark County 68.68% Districtwide
WIN Lynda Wilson 17th LD Representative 51.48%
WIN Paul Harris 17th LD Representative 61.57%
WIN Brandon Vick 18th LD Representative 63.02%
WIN Liz Pike 18th LD Representative 59.15%
WIN Richard DeBolt 20th LD Representative 62.23% Clark County, 65.65% Districtwide
WIN Ed Orcutt 20th LD Representative 76.79% Clark County, 70.04% Districtwide
Loss Anson Service 49th LD Representative 43.75%
Loss Lisa Ross 49th LD Representative 44.93%
WIN Jeanne Stewart Clark County Commissioner 50.27%
WIN Peter Van Nortwick County Assessor 61.04% 
WIN Greg Kimsey County Auditor -no challenger
WIN Scott Weber County Clerk 57.80
Loss Josie Townsend County Prosecuting Attorney 45.52%
WIN Chuck Atkins County Sheriff 56.36%
Loss Lauren Colas County Treasurer 47.90%

The quality of the candidates and the quality of their effort was very impressive this year.  We appreciate them all and thank them, their families and their volunteers for such terrific work and look forward to helping them win more races in the future.

On the ballot issues we did not fare well.  We came out strongly against 2 measures: Prop 1, The Clark County Home Rule Charter which passed with 53.43% and I-594, the gun registration initiative, which passed with 58.27%.

CLARK GOP SEEKS INVESTIGATION The board of the Clark County Republican Party has asked Tony Golik, County Prosecutor, to investigate what they believe to be violations of election law by County Auditor, Greg Kimsey.  To assure that the action would not influence, or be influenced by the outcome of the election, it was hand delivered at 4pm on Election Day, hours before the outcome would be known.  The prosecutor has 45 days to decide if he will pursue a case.  The letter can be read here.

PLEASE HELP COLLECT YARD SIGNS  If you have yard signs that need to get back to Republican candidates please bring them to Republican HQ where we have them organized outside the building.  Our address is 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver.  If you are on the east side you can take them to Glenn Kincaid Construction/Rentals between 8AM & 4PM 1840 SE 8th Ave – Camas.  If you can help collect large signs, please speak to the candidate first.  Click here for candidate contact info. 

THE FORUM ON CLIMATE CHANGE  As reported a few weeks ago, Vancouver Councilmember Bill Turlay organized a terrific forum on climate change. If you were unable to attend, you can still watch the forum via CVTV here.

Coming Events

West Police Precinct located at 2800 NE Stapleton Rd., Vancouver
The guest speaker this month will be Mark Brown, the City of Vancouver's Governmental Relations Director, who will be sharing with us the city's legislative goals for 2015.

Club Green Meadows, 7703 Northeast 72nd Avenue, Vancouver
$20 per dinner rsvp: Guest speakers: Ralph Ladetke 30 year navy hero, USO mgr. Christine Vu, Veterans Outreach Center Joe and Judy

Sincerely, thank you for all your hard work this election season.  
Please call me.  I am available to you any time,

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party
360-521-8565 Cell
360-695-1609 Office

We have trusted Global Security with our security needs for years.  Give them a call at 360-693-1900.

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