From the Chairman's Desk-November 29, 2016

Political parties are controlled by grassroots activists (when they have the courage to assert their control).

The leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC) is elected by the leadership of each State Republican Party (as well as US Territories and Washington DC).

The leadership of the State Republican Party (WSRP) is elected by the leadership of each County Republican Party in WA State.

The leadership of the County Party (CCRP) is elected by the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs).

PCOs are elected by the voters in their precinct during the August Primary in each even-numbered year. (A precinct is a voting district of less than 1500 registered voters).  Clark County has 252 precincts.  The PCOs elected in 2016 are listed here.  (No one filed to run in those vacant precincts).

So…voters in the precincts elect the PCOs, who elect county party leaders, who elect state party leaders, who elect national party leaders.  Simple, huh?

A change in direction:  Four years ago after a disastrous Clark County Republican Convention a large group of us ran successfully for PCO and then elected an entirely new slate of officers for the Clark County Republican Party.  We were elected again two years later.

Our successes during the four years include:

  • Implemented bylaws that promote grassroots control over the party.
  • Built the infrastructure with modern technology for effective voter contact.
  • Maintained a beautiful and busy office with consistent hours 5 days per week.
  • Upgraded office equipment and purchased a trailer for on-site storage.
  • Kept members up to date via a weekly email newsletter.
  • Raised more money than any previous executive board.
  • Brought respected, high-powered presenters for Lincoln Day Dinners including Sheriff Richard Mack, Peter Schiff, Dr. Keith Smith, Trevor Loudon, Glen Morgan and Bill Whittle.
  • Developed a rigorous process that resulted in adoption of Core Principles.
  • Won a majority of races each year, including most partisan positions in the county.
  • Conducted 11 caucus training sessions, preparing 300 people to caucus.
  • Organized successful caucuses in 16 locations around the county.
  • Executed an effective 2016 County Convention in stark contrast to the 2012 version.
  • Produced a quality County Platform with the largest, most inclusive committee ever.
  • Had Donald Trump, himself, call in to our Headquarters to talk to a group of supporters.
  • Grew our Certified Elections Observer numbers and closely monitored every aspect of ballot handling as reported in this KPTV story.
  • Won nearly every Republicans race on the Clark County ballot again this year.
  • Had overflow attendance at our Victory Party on election night as reported in a channel 8 news story around the 1:30 mark here.  This was late into the evening yet we still had a large crowd. 

It is now time for the PCOs to choose leaders for the next two years.  I will not be running for reelection as chairman.  After four years on this all-volunteer board, with nearly three years as chairman, it is time for me to get back to work and allow others to take the lead.  I am very proud of the work accomplished by the executive board, volunteers and PCOs and thank them for their courageous service to the Republican voters in Clark County. 

What kind of party will the new PCOs give us?  I believe we’ll continue to be loyal to the Core Principles and County Platform, including this statement from the platform: We dedicate time, talent, and efforts to electing those candidates who represent these principles and commit to implementing them into public policy.  From the letters and phone calls I receive, this is exactly the kind of party local Republicans desire.  I have faith that we will continue to be that party.

Night Before New Year’s Eve Party.  Please go to this Facebook page and use the INVITE button to increase our exposure.  This annual event is a favorite way to end the year.  Last year it was actually the beginning of the crazy, chaotic & amazingly successful campaign season.  This year we revel in that success and celebrate a new chapter in the Clark County Republican Party by welcoming a new executive board.  Let's all meet at Elks Lodge on December 30th.  Renae and I hope to see you there.

Office Hours:  Republican HQ is open from noon – 4pm, Monday through Friday.  9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver.  Phone 360-695-1609.

It has been a pleasure to serve you.  Thank you for your support over the past 4 years.

Kenny Smith
Chairman (for a few more days)
Clark County Republican Party

We have trusted Global Security with our security needs for years.  Give them a call at 360-693-1900