From the Chairman's Desk-November 22, 2016


Transition update


Here’s a more complete article on his goals for the first 100 days.

Some great links from WSRP Chairman, Susan Hutchison:

The official website of the Presidential Transition Team is

Follow the Trump Transition on Facebook at or on Twitter (@transition2017) at

To sign up for Trump Transition email alerts, go to

To provide feedback and suggestions for the Trump Administration, go to

To apply for a job in the Trump administration, go to
Each member of the House and Senate gets a limited number of tickets to the swearing-in ceremony.  To get tickets, contact the D.C. office of your House member or Senator.

For information about the inauguration, go to the official inaugural website at

What comes after a spectacular election season?  Election season, of course!  But this one is close to home so everyone can play.  This is the way we Make America Great Again, by investing in ourselves, our neighbors, our cities and our county. 

John Adams stated that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." 

Let’s become worthy of the founder’s vision of the American citizen. 
Let’s look for opportunities to learn, and to serve our neighbors: 

Monitor your county, city and school websites (Click on the city/school name to go to their website).
Attend council and school board meetings.
Volunteer for an advisory board or committee position.

Let’s find excellent candidates for local offices.  Every school board, every port district, every cemetery district, every fire district, and every city council will have positions to fill this year.  They should be filled with people committed to President Trump’s goal of Making America Great.  They should be filled by us. 

Action - One thing to do right now to Make America Great.  The public comment period is ending for the domestic energy project in Longview.  Please use this form to easily add your comment.  Samples are included at the top of the page for easy cut/paste if desired.

Storage needed for campaign signs.  We have less than a dozen 4X8 signs and a three foot stack of yard signs we need to store for four years.  Does anyone have space for them?  Call me for more information.  Kenny 360-521-8565.  Any Republican yard signs can still be dropped off behind our HQ at 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver.

Night Before New Year’s Eve Party.  This annual event is a favorite way to end the year.  Last year it was actually the beginning of the crazy, chaotic & amazingly successful campaign season.  This year we revel in that success and celebrate a new chapter in the Clark County Republican Party by welcoming a new executive board.  Let's all meet at Elks Lodge on December 30th!

Office Hours:  Republican HQ is open from noon – 4pm, Monday through Friday.  9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver.  Phone 360-695-1609.

Call me.   I am available to you any time, 

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party

We have trusted Global Security with our security needs for years.  Give them a call at 360-693-1900.