From The Chairman's Desk- November 16, 2014

Take A Very Short Break!

TERRIFIC WORK GETTING ALL THE SIGNS DOWN! The Republican candidates and their volunteers were absolutely fantastic in getting down all their signs in just a few days!  Thank you to everyone who participated in that clean-up effort.  If you see any that were missed, feel free to pick them up and bring them to HQ: 9401 NE Covington Rd.  You can leave them around back if after hours.

We had wonderful victories this year.  The closest contest is Jeanne Stewart’s race for county commissioner.  Even though her opponent conceded the election over a week ago, there will still be a recount if the number of votes separating them is less than (approximately) 600.  A recount would be very expensive for the county so we want to avoid it if possible.  Currently, she is leading by over 860, but just to make absolutely sure, if you have received a letter from the elections division that there is a challenge to your ballot, fill out the form and get it right back to them.  There are still over 1200 voters that have not returned the letters they received, possibly thinking the election is decided so their ballot is no longer needed.  Please get them in and avoid the expensive recount!  You can learn more here.  We will have volunteer observers at the elections office every day until they run out of ballots to count.  We hope it is soon!

Click on the MyVote tab of the elections office website.  Enter your name and DOB. Hit continue.  Then on the left side, click “Ballot Status”.  You should receive this message: “ballot status 2014 General Election.  Your ballot has been received by the Clark County Auditor’s office.”   Contact the elections office if your ballot has not been received.  If you receive a letter from the elections office stating that there is a problem with your signature, please fill out the form immediately.  We are very close to the margin required for an automatic recount in the commissioner’s race.  A recount would cost the county thousands of dollars.  Let’s avoid the expense and hassle by getting every ballot we can right now.  The elections office can be reached at 360-397-2345.

We’ve been recruiting campaign help for months.  Many of you stepped up to the challenge and were very generous with your time, talent and possessions.  Thank you for your efforts and congratulations on your success!  

We now leave campaign season behind and enter legislative season with more Republican servants in office than ever.   We need volunteers ready to study the issues, write letters and testify in city, county, state and national public meetings.  We need volunteers effectively sharing important information with neighbors, family & friends.  Let’s also find a creative way to communicate with the grass-roots legislative watchdogs among us and mobilize according to our specific areas of passion and expertise.  Please share your ideas on how to have a successful legislative session.

THE FORUM ON CLIMATE CHANGE  As reported a few weeks ago, Vancouver Councilmember Bill Turlay organized a terrific forum on climate change. If you were unable to attend, you can still watch the forum via CVTV here.


Coming Events  
Send us your events to

Clark County Republican Party HQ 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver
A Toastmasters Group at HQ is being considered. If you would like to discuss the possibilities, please come to this information-gathering meeting. The first meeting in September was very well organized, efficient and educational.

CANVASSING BOARD MEETS TO EXAMINE BALLOTS November 20th 2:00pm??? (Date and time uncertain)
Elections Dept, 1408 Franklin Street, Vancouver
The canvassing board will determine the status of challenged ballots as well as perform other canvassing duties.  We encourage voters to take an active role in understanding the elections process.  We have not seen an official announcement about this meeting which we believe is open to the public.  Please Call Republican HQ for confirmation of date and time 360-695-1609

BAKE SALE FUNDRAISER FOR 49TH DISTRICT CANDIDATES!  December 4, 5:00pm – 8:30pm  There is no formal program so just come any time that is convenient and enjoy the camaraderie and remove the burden from our terrific candidates in the 49th.  
Home of Ann and Mike Donnelly, 4305 Oregon Drive, Vancouver

Why:    Our outstanding candidates for State Rep. in the 49th District, Lisa Ross and Anson Service, worked so hard in such a challenging district. With their principled, innovative, and well-reasoned campaigns, they enhanced the GOP brand throughout the county.  They made a huge contribution to our success with their ads, mailings, speeches, and their telegenic appearances/photos.  Just think how important they were to our big success in the Commissioner race that put superstar Jeanne Stewart over the top!  We need one more fund raiser to honor them to make sure their families do not bear the burden of their candidacies.  Please join with us in thanking them in this very important and material way. Many hands make light work.

Where: Home of Ann and Mike Donnelly, 4305 Oregon Drive Vancouver WA 98661 (corner of Umatilla Way and Oregon Drive in Southcliff).  If needed, email Ann at   No need to RSVP.

Who:   We are inviting all our GOP stars to be present and that means you.  This is a time to celebrate and share “lessons learned”.  We are confident that many of our GOP elected officials will be there too.

Baking Committee:    We are seeking a 30-person baking committee to produce between 1 and 3 yummy plates of baked treats each.  We already have a number of bakers signed up.  Would you like to bake with us?  (Easy, quick, economical and delicious – that is our style).  This is so simple and fun: the baking committee members will bring their treats (wrapped and labeled with their names and selection name) to Ann Donnelly’s home on December 3 or 4th.  If you are in a hurry, just put the item(s) at Ann’s front door – she will be looking for them.  That is all you need to do.  Then come to the event and buy someone else’s treat. Or buy your own!

Eating/Buying Committee:    Non-bakers (everyone else) will be assigned to the Eating/Buying Committee. All the treats will be priced at $25.  (Larger contributions will be gratefully accepted.)

Can’t make it that night?        We will take your order and bring you a treat in exchange for your contribution of $25.00.

Checks:           Checks will be made out to Clark County Republicans, which will donate the proceeds to the two campaigns (Lisa Ross and Anson Service).

Thank you for your tremendous support.  I am available to you any time,

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party
360-521-8565 Cell
360-695-1609 Office

We have trusted Global Security with our security needs for years.  Give them a call at 360-693-1900.

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