From the Chairman's Desk-November 15, 2016

This, and videos like it, have been all over social media but we will never tire of watching it:

We started this presidential cycle with one goal:  Give every supporter the tools and encouragement they need to be effective advocates for their candidate regardless of which Republican presidential candidate they support.  As a result we made lots of new friends and recruited lots of new volunteers.  What an incredible election!  While there was an all-out assault on our nominee the Clark County Republican Party and the Washington State Republican Party never wavered in their support for the people's choice.  They are both to be commended.

We Painted the County Red!  There has never been this many Republicans in office in Clark County.  “Paint the County Red” was the theme of our 2015 Night Before New Year’s Eve party and we worked hard all year long to achieve the goal.  Every Clark County Republican candidate won their race except in the 49th where there has not been a Republican elected in decades.  Lewis Gerhardt and his volunteers, however worked valiantly to rally the minority 49th LD Republicans which helped every other Republican on the ballot!

Following are the candidates that won in Clark County and won their position:
President: Republican Donald Trump
U.S. Congress: Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler
Secretary of State: Republican Kim Wyman
State Treasurer: Republican Duane Davidson
LD14 WA State Senate: Republican Curtis King
LD14 WA State Representative Pos 1: Republican Norm Johnson
LD14 WA State Representative Pos 2: Republican Gina McCabe
LD17 WA State Senate: Republican Lynda Wilson
LD17 WA State Representative Pos 1: Republican Vicki Kraft
LD17 WA State Representative Pos 2: Republican Paul Harris
LD18 WA State Senate: Republican Ann Rivers
LD18 WA State Representative Pos 1: Republican Brandon Vick
LD18 WA State Representative Pos 2: Republican Liz Pike
LD20 WA State Senate: Republican John Braun
LD20 WA State Representative Pos 1: Republican Richard DeBolt
LD20 WA State Representative Pos 2: Republican Ed Orcutt
Clark County Council Pos. 3: Republican John Blom
Clark County Council Pos. 4: Republican Eileen Quiring
Clark PUD – Pos. 2 – Endorsed Nancy Barnes

The following excellent candidates attended our events here and won in Clark County.  Unfortunately they did not win their statewide race.  Too bad the rest of the state does not vote like Clark County:
Governor: Republican Bill Bryant 
Lt. Governor:  Republican Marty McClendon
State Auditor: Republican Mark Miloscia
Public Lands Commissioner: Republican Steve McLaughlin

We especially thank the Washington State Republican Party, the House Republican Organizational Committee, The Senate Leadership Council and the Bill Bryant campaign for working with Clark County to achieve these victories.

By every metric, this was a winning year for the Clark County Republican Party.  For some of us this is a culmination of four years of hard work for the advancement of Republican principles.  Most of us will be leaving the executive board at the end of the month so a look back at our achievements from the last four years is in order: 

  • Implemented bylaws that promote grassroots control over the party.
  • Built the infrastructure with modern technology for effective voter contact.
  • Maintained a beautiful and busy office with consistent hours 5 days per week.
  • Kept members up to date via a weekly email newsletter.
  • Raised more money than any previous executive board.
  • Upgraded office equipment and purchased an enclosed trailer for on-site storage.
  • Brought respected, high-powered presenters for Lincoln Day Dinners including Sheriff Richard Mack, Peter Schiff, Dr. Keith Smith, Trevor Loudon and Bill Whittle.
  • Developed a rigorous process that resulted in adoption of Core Principles.
  • Won a majority of races each year, including most partisan positions in the county.
  • Conducted 11 caucus training sessions, preparing 300 people to caucus.
  • Organized successful caucuses in 16 locations around the county.
  • Executed an effective County Convention that won probably the only nice thing the Columbian has ever written about us (I wonder if that reporter got fired?).
  • Produced and adopted a quality County Platform.   
  • Had Donald Trump, himself, call in to our Headquarters to talk to a group of supporters.
  • Grew our Certified Elections Observer numbers and closely monitored every aspect of ballot handling.
  • Won the presidential election and won nearly every other race for the Republicans on the ballot in Clark County. Finally, we had overflow attendance at our Victory Party on election night.  You can see us on the channel 8 news around the 1:30 mark here.  This was late into the evening yet we still had a large crowd.  Notice the age of the people.  The median age of Republicans in Clark County is trending younger.  2017 is the perfect year to recruit fresh candidates for city council and school board races.

We have every reason to hope for the success of the Clark County Republican Party in the years ahead.  Thank you for your encouragement over the past four years.

A reinvigorated Clark County Republican Women's Club!  Connect with them on Facebook.  We are very excited to see this group take off again with new officers elected last week including, President - Connie Jo Freeman, 1st Vice President - Stacie Jesser,  2nd Vice President - Liz Pike, Secretary - Anna Miller, Treasurer - Suzanne Gerhardt.  Congratulations and thank you!  Let's grow this club!

New Office Hours:  Republican HQ will be open from noon – 4pm, Monday through Friday.  The phone number is 360-695-1609 and the address is 9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver.

Campaign Sign Cleanup:  Help us remove all Republican campaign signs.  Once again, we are way ahead of the Democrats, but if you see any Republican sign we have missed, pick it up and leave it around back whether we are here or not.  We’ll return them or dispose of them according to the candidate’s instructions.  9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver.

Still wonder if you ballot was received?  Go to and click ballot status.

Please make a contribution to keep this operation running smoothly.  Three ways to donate described here.

Call me.   I am available to you any time,

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party

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