From the Chairman's Desk- May 31, 2015

Lincoln Day Dinner, An Absolute Success!

A personal message from your chairman:

We were blessed by the outpouring of support for this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner.  I personally received many congratulatory comments that really don’t belong to me, but to the more than 50 active volunteers who made the night a pleasure for all of us.  Fred Boyd of Boyd Auctions and Estate Sales was a masterful and entertaining auctioneer and raised thousands from the items donated by businesses and individuals.  Since the event was just last night we’ll have to wait until next week for an accounting of the amount raised, a link to a photo album and the video from 

Cakes waiting at the starting line for the dessert dash

The room was decorated with incredible hand-crafted Magna Carta centerpieces created at our headquarters by dedicated volunteers.   Another volunteer created an inspirational video of local Republicans sharing their vision for success and a high school student read her winning essay on the Magna Carta.  No, I take that back.  She did not read it, she presented it like a polished orator.  She was encouraged to write the essay because of a contest sponsored by the Clark County Magna Carta Observance Committee to celebrate the June 19th 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta. 

The guest speakers were extraordinary.  Many people asked me how we found such unique and fascinating presenters.  As with most great accomplishments, it began with a group of people who formed a vision and set goals. 

Would you like to help us set the next goals?  In just nine short months we’ll be leading the Republican presidential caucuses.  We have the vision of an event that builds friendship and political strength between you and your neighbors.  We believe this will be the most highly attended caucus in history due to the catastrophe of the Obama administration and the loss of liberties that are becoming increasingly obvious.  Let me know if you would like to help.  My phone number and email address is listed at the bottom of each of these (long) emails.  I am available to you any time.


Please support our sponsors and have your business become a sponsor.  We will be adding Woodland Truck Line to our Board soon.  Can we add yours?  I think this dinner link is still active:

Please become an election observer!  There is just one day per year where you can be certified to watch the elections process.  It is this Thursday, June 4th.  Please attend this evening certification class so we can add your name to the list of Republican observers.  Details in the “Coming Events” section below. 


 Coming Events
The events listed may or may not be organized, sponsored or endorsed by the CCRP.  If you have events that you would like to see listed, please send them to

Vancouver Community Library 901 C Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
The workshop will include local human resource specialists. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion as well as individual one-on-one counseling.  The panel will discuss resume building, interviewing skills, networking, and other important aspects of the job-seeking process.  Click here for more information.

REPUBLICAN TOASTMASTER’S CLUB June 4th, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
CCRP Headquarters 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver
The Toastmaster’s group has been very well attended, but we still have room for you.  This is a well-organized effort that will help you promote your point of view at town hall meetings or in the elevator.  An excellent opportunity for new candidates.

ELECTION OBSERVER TRAINING June 4th 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Elections Conference Room 1408 Franklin St, Vancouver
This two-hour training is required for any person who wishes to become an elections observer and is only offered one day each year.  CCRP desires interested Republicans to help us assure fair elections by attending this class and signing up for one or more shifts during the ballot-counting process.  This is an easy way to learn something new and help the citizens of Clark County have confidence in the elections process.  Click here for the official press release.

Red Lion Hotel at the Quay, 100 Columbia St Vancouver
The Jobs Fair will include employers from a variety of industries seeking qualified candidates.  Employers who are interested in participating are encouraged to contact Pam Peiper in Jaime’s Vancouver office at (360) 695-6292.  Click here for more information including a link to participating employers.

WEBINAR--MASTERING SOCIAL MEDIA June 8th 11:00am – 12:00pm
CCRP Headquarters 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver
(We'll be showing these webinars at HQ or you can participate at home.)   Did you know that 88 percent of registered voters in the U.S. are on social media? Learn the pro-tips to being effective online through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Discover the pitfalls to avoid, know how to increase online activity and reach and learn how to post engaging content and analyze your progress.  More information here:

REPUBLICAN TOASTMASTER’S CLUB June 11th, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
CCRP Headquarters 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver
The Toastmaster’s group has been very well attended, but we still have room for you.  This is a well-organized effort that will help you promote your point of view at town hall meetings or in the elevator.  An excellent opportunity for new candidates.


Club Green Meadows, 7703 Northeast 72nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA
$20 each  RSVP needed Deanna or Contact Carolyn @ / cell # (503) 984-5659

Fort Vancouver.  
The Magna Carta is the premier document in the field of human rights.  The Magna Carta was affirmed by King John of England on June 15, 1215, in the town of Runnymede, after 25 barons forced him to agree to the terms.  The committee will host an observance at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site on Saturday, June 20, 2015, to celebrate the 800th anniversary, featuring historical re-enactors.

Clark County Republican HQ 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver
It is time for spring cleaning!  We would gladly accept your gently used donations for the garage sale. Drop them off at the republican headquarters M-F 11:30-5:30.  (Please, no mattresses, old computers or not-so-nice couches, etc.)

Feel free to contact me.   I am available to you any time,

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party 

We have trusted Global Security with our security needs for years.  Give them a call at 360-693-1900.