From the Chairman's Desk-March 29, 2015

Congratulations On Our 1-Year Anniversary!

One year ago we sent the first Sunday night email.  It had a great reception so we decided to continue and have not missed a single Sunday issue since.  This is actually week 54, so…Congratulations to us and this all-volunteer organization!  Send your event announcements to and we’ll see if we can keep this winning streak going. 

The Lincoln Day Dinner is our most important fundraiser of the year.  This last election cycle, where there was a Republican in every race (Dems had 6 races with no candidate), nine Republican women running for office (Dems had 4 women) and where Republicans won 14 of 18 races in Clark County, the extraordinary success of the last two Lincoln Day Dinners was very evident.  The CCRP contributed nearly $40,000 directly to candidate campaigns- a 250% increase over 2012, dramatically upgraded technology to aid volunteers and campaigns, and unexpectedly got a great, highly-visible office besides!  The 2013 and 2014 Dinners were the most successful in our history and we expect 2015 to be just as rewarding for the party, the attendees and ultimately, the candidates.

We have secured a speaker in Dr. Smith who will show us that we can successfully compete with the federally mandated Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).  We hope to be inspired to search for our own solutions to the crushing burdens placed upon us. 

Please purchase your tickets today at  Contact Katja at 360-771-4858 if you want to volunteer, donate auction items or connect with someone about becoming a sponsor.    

Don't forget to get your Initiative 1366 petitions!  Five times the voters have responded to initiatives to require a 2/3 vote of the Legislature to raise taxes. Voters approved all 5, supporting each one by a bigger vote than the time before. The last time it was on the ballot, in 2012, it received more votes than any initiative in state history!  Voters want it to be tougher to raise taxes. Please help gather the massive number of signatures required to get this final solution on the ballot.  We have them at our office.  Come in and sign our copy or take a petition with you and gather signatures on your own.  More information here.

Open Offices for 2015.  Here is the list which shows all the positions for election this year (except the new county councilor positions).  The names in the last column are the people currently holding the office.  They may or may not run for office again.  This is our 2015 opportunity to find the best individuals to serve our community.  Please contact us if you want to discuss running for office. 360-521-8565  Here is a webpage dedicated to school board candidates:

Public Disclosure Commission Renders Opinion.  Last November, the CCRP board sent two letters of inquiry to the Clark County Prosecutor regarding Greg Kimsey, our county auditor, who is responsible for guaranteeing fair elections.  Mr. Kimsey, as you will recall, was very active in promoting the county charter which the voters subsequently approved. 

The questions worked their way from the county prosecutor to the state attorney general.  The AG asked the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) to render an opinion on some, but not all, aspects of the letters, and this week they reported that “He (Kimsey) took steps to ensure that the information contained in the Voters' Pamphlet was fair and objective."  The PDC recommend that the Washington Attorney General take no further action on the matters which the AG had referred to them for their opinion.

There were many cries of foul play from the grassroots at the time of the voter pamphlet’s publication.  Now that the professionals have gone on record with their opinion that no violations occurred, the CCRP board will need to wait for the remaining response from the AG, then decide whether or not they will proceed with a citizen complaint.  Since a new CCRP board was elected in January, it is unclear how they will respond, but I’m confident their decision will be based upon the merits.

One thing is clear.  The resolutions and Core Principles passed by the governing body of Precinct Committee Officershave consistently maintained that elected servants are to be held accountable to their oath of office regardless of party affiliation.  While we prefer to be cheerleaders of elected Republicans, the goal of small and responsible government will continue to be our primary objective.

FREE Constitution Course from Hillsdale CollegeThe Meaning and History of the Constitution. With 2015 being the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta we really should dig in for a greater understanding of our founding documents and ideals.  You can find the link for the Free Course here.

Magna Carta High School essay contest!  The Clark County Magna Carta Observance Committee has a $500 scholarship waiting for the winning essay writer in each Clark County High School.  Currently 22 Clark County High Schools are involved.  We will have winning essays read by their authors at our Lincoln Day Dinner.

Do you know any family child care workers?  We have brochures at the office for family child care workers who want to see options regarding their automatically-deducted union dues.  If you know any of these workers tell them to stop by if they are interested.  You can find the story here.

Alan Keyes and KrisAnne Hall to speak at Cowlitz Lincoln Day Dinner April 11th. We have a special relationship with Cowlitz County since we share not just a border, but we share the city of Woodland, which is partly in Cowlitz and partly in Clark.  If you can support 2 Lincoln Day Dinner events this year, we encourage you to make the trip to Longview.  It is sure to be a crowd pleaser and comes 6 weeks before ours.  Click here for the flier and here for the Facebook event page.

 Coming Events
The events listed may or may not be organized, sponsored or endorsed by the CCRP.  If you have events that you would like to see listed, please direct them to

Hockinson High School, 16819 NE 159th St., Brush Prairie
A number of people have encouraged attendance at this meeting to explore Alternative 4 for rural property owners.  The Reflector had an article about this which you can read here.

Representatives Lynda Wilson and Paul Harris will host a telephone town hall.  To participate, residents can call (360) 588-5068.  If listeners have questions during the call they can press the star (*) key on their telephone keypads.  Residents unable to participate, or with questions before the event, can contact Wilson by calling her Olympia office at (360) 786-7994Harris can be reached at his Olympia office by calling (360) 786-7976.  The press release can be viewed here.

REPUBLICAN TOASTMASTER’S CLUB April 2nd, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
CCRP Headquarters 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver
Want to boost your communication skills?  Join us each Thursday 5pm - 6:30pm at HQ.  This is a well-organized effort that will help you effectively present your point of view.

Round Table Pizza 13503 SE Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA
I know by now you have all spent time with this document.  If you or someone you know plans to run for office please join us.  Scott Roberts from the Freedom Foundation will present a basic campaign plan for the August primary.  An RSVP by replying to this email would be appreciated, but not required.

1300 Franklin, 6th Floor Hearing Room, Vancouver, WA.
We believe the councilors will discussing transparency in collective bargaining and giving employees a choice as to whether or not to join a union.  If you support these resolutions, please attend if you are able.  The opposition is well represented each week, though surprisingly these ideas have the support of the Columbian.  If you expect the councilors to vote in favor of these resolutions you must show them that there is support.  This hearing will be at 6pmsince it is the first Tuesday of the month.  Clark County is on the threshold of beginning their collective bargaining negotiations so now is the time to pass these resolutions.  These ideas are good for both union members and taxpayers. Join our weekly Toastmaster's group if you want to become more confident in your ability to speak up at meetings.

REPUBLICAN TOASTMASTER’S CLUB April 9th, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
CCRP Headquarters 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver
Everyone is a public speaker, like it or not.  Join us each Thursday and improve your speaking skills.  This is a well-organized effort that will help you promote your point of view at town hall meetings or in the elevator.  This week we will start with a 30 minute educational presentation that has had terrific reviews and then continue with related Table Topics.

Clark County Elections, 1408 Franklin Street, Vancouver
Contact the elections office for details (360) 397-2345, or e-mail:


CLARK COUNTY LINCOLN DAY DINNER May 30th 6:00pm – 9:30pm
The Heathman Lodge, 7801 Northeast Greenwood Drive, Vancouver
Tickets on sale now for our most important fundraiser of the year!
How did Dr. Keith Smith and the Surgery Center of Oklahoma become the nation's leading free market medical provider?  The Surgery Center posts their prices online, does not accept insurance, and charges patients a fraction of the cost of big hospitals.  As our 2015 Lincoln Day Dinner Keynote speaker, Dr. Smith will show us how free-market practices will allow people to obtain world-class medical care while the Affordable Care Act collapses under its own weight.  Here is Dr. Smith on Stossel:

Also joining us will be Trevor Loudon from New Zealand to speak about Magna Carta on its 800th Anniversary and why the United States Constitution is under continual assault.  You'll be exhilarated to hear him describe why your country's success is so important to an outsider from across the globe.  Come hear these great speakers at our largest fundraiser of the year, the 2015 Lincoln Day Dinner.  Tickets will go on sale this week for the May 30th event! 

Clark County Republican HQ 9401 NE Covington Rd, Vancouver
It is time for spring cleaning!  We would gladly accept your gently used donations for the garage sale. Drop them off at the republican headquarters M-F 11:30-5:30.  (Please, no mattresses, old computers or not-so-nice couches, etc.)

Become a Contributor

Many have asked how to contribute financially to this all-volunteer organization.  A monthly contribution specifically to keep us in our terrific office space can be set up here.  There are other ways to contribute listed here. Of course, you can always deliver your contribution to the office which is dependably staffed Monday through Friday from 11:30am - 4:30pm by volunteers.  The address is 9401 NE Covington Rd.  Call 360-695-1609 to speak with office staff or call Chairman Kenny Smith any time at 360-521-8565.

Opportunities to Serve Your Community

We encourage you to visit your city and county websites regularly to find ways to serve and connect with your community.  News, civic projects, community events, volunteer opportunities and jobs will all be found at these sites.

Clark County Here is a new listing for Substance Abuse Advisory Board

Battle Ground
La Center


Feel free to contact me.   I am available to you any time,

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party 

We have trusted Global Security with our security needs for years.  Give them a call at 360-693-1900.