From the Chairman's Desk-December 29, 2015

End of Year Notes

Join us in our New Year’s Resolution to PAINT THE STATE RED in 2016!  We’re planning a very nice evening for you tomorrow at our Night Before New Year's Eve Dinner.  If you have not yet registered for this rare treat we encourage you to do so now.  We ordered extra just to accommodate late registrants since it is such a busy time of year.  But delay no longer!  Purchase your tickets here.   What a great opportunity to meet candidates who will soon be the talk of the town (state)!  You’ll meet Governor Candidate, Bill Bryant; State Auditor candidate, Mark Miloscia; and US Senate candidate, Chris Vance.   (If you are not familiar with the Elks Lodge in Vancouver, be sure to read the directions in the Coming Events section below.)

Coming Events
The events listed may or may not be organized, sponsored or endorsed by the CCRP.  If you have events that you would like to see listed, please send them to

NIGHT BEFORE NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY December 30, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Elks Lodge 11605 SE McGillivray Blvd, Vancouver (Just a few blocks off the Mill Plain exit off I-205, but a little challenging to find the first time.  Go South on Chkalov from Mill Plain and continue PAST McGillivray- do not turn onto McGillivray.  The large parking lot will be on your right).
Enjoy a great meal and see how 2016 is shaping up for Washington State Republicans.   We anticipate a terrific evening with candidates Bill Bryant for Governor, Chris Vance for US Senate & Mark Miloscia for State Treasurer.  Tickets are available at this link.  Call Kenny at 360-521-8565 if the website cuts off registration.

Public Service Center, sixth-floor hearing room, 1300 Franklin St., Vancouver
This is the first meeting of the new 5-member County Council that is the result of the County Charter passed in 2014.  It would be really terrific if we all made a New Year’s resolution to support the new council by regular attendance and testimony to let them know how important small government, low taxes and private property rights are to the voters of Clark County.  This Jefferson quote comes to mind: “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” Our opponents will continue to be at every meeting in full force.  The councilors really do need our encouragement to battle for our liberties.   

REPUBLICAN TOASTMASTER’S CLUB January 7, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Clark County Republican Party HQ - 9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver
Have you ever wanted to improve your ability to talk and communicate? To be more clear? More concise?  More convincing?  I suggest you visit the Clark County Republican Toastmasters.  The club meetings are NOT about stuffy speeches or making toast.  It’s actually a brilliantly designed program that helps improve both your speaking AND thinking skills.  I have been attending since last January and the meetings are never boring - everyone gets a “job”.  Whether giving a speech, evaluating a speech, counting ums and ahs, or other appointed roles, nobody leaves without getting involved.   One of the favorite roles is Table Talk Master.  This is where you come prepared with questions to ask other members to stand up with a two minute answer.   Not only have we had a lot of laughing in this club, we are actually seeing improvement in the speaking skills of each other and ourselves.   If you want to get better at the three “C”s ~ please come join us! – Piper McEwen

CAUCUS TRAINING FOR EVERYONE! January 7, 14, 21, 28 7:00 – 8:30pm
Clark County Republican Party HQ - 9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver
Each Thursday evening in January and February, prior to the February 20 caucus, we will offer training sessions regarding the purpose of the caucus and the rules that will be followed to establish the party platform and elect delegates to the county convention.  The development of the party platform begins at the caucus, so it is your opportunity to express what kind of Republican Party you desire.  Our goal is that everyone will be an effective caucus participant and meet neighbors that share their concerns.


ROE V WADE RALLY January 22, 1:00 – 2:00pm
Clark County Courthouse 1200 Franklin St, Vancouver
Sponsored by Clark County Right to Life.

2016 STATEWIDE CAUCUSES February 20, 2016, 10:00am
Locations in Clark County TBD
The party platform will be discussed and resolutions presented.  Delegates to the county convention will be elected from each precinct.  The precinct caucus is a great setting to meet your neighbors who also wish to advocate Republican principles.  Please contact us if you want to help organize an effective event.

Call me.   I am available to you any time,

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party