From the Chairman - March 09, 2017

Hello Clark County Republican! 


We are seeing a lot of excitement and desire to be involved and make a difference; locally, statewide and nationally. The information in this email provides multiple avenues to do so as well as areas WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please follow up with me and I will get you in touch with the right person.

Join the Fun - Join the Movement - Make a Difference - Make Clark County Great - Be The Party!!

I. We would love to have you involved with the local party here in Clark County. Here are a few ways to do so: 

  1. Become a Precinct Committee officer! We currently have 120 of the 280 precincts open and can fill with those who wish to volunteer. You can be the “team captain” of your neighborhood for the party and have a seat on the central committee (the governing body of the Clark County Republican Party) helping make important decisions with regards to our community. Please email me for more information.
  2. Please Support your Local Party! You can make a monthly donation, as little as 5 dollars a month makes a huge difference when we have everyone doing so. We are very much in need of increasing our support in this area. If you are unable to take up a position within the party or community, this is the single biggest area we could use YOUR help. Click HERE to sign up now -  We Thank You!
  3. Join us for Events! Over the past few months, we have seen the largest attendance for our events ever – the excitement is building! We are committed to continuing this effort. We are launching networking events where you can learn more about opportunities and holding other large events coming up soon! See below for more information. You can click HERE to view our calendar, or click HERE to follow us on Facebook.

II. We also need our great folks who care, to run for office. One area often over looked are School Board seats, but these greatly effect our community. Also, several city council and mayoral races coming up, including the city of Vancouver mayoral race which candidates are needed!

III. We have events coming up and we would LOVE to have YOU there!! Here are just a few of the upcoming events.

We are launching a regular monthly networking event for the Clark County Republican Party. This will be same time, same place Every First Friday of the month. Please click HERE to join the event on Facebook and keep updated on what we are doing, from joining Toast Master, to Leadership Networks, Campaign Volunteers to Training Classes and more!!