What to do about Freeholders??


The CCRP has decided not to endorse candidates in the Freeholder races because there has been no consensus of what the makeup of the Charter should look like even among the many solid (known) Republicans in these non-partisan races. We could list those who we believe are good Republicans, but in many races that would be almost half of those running.

Some of the areas where vast disagreement exists among our members are the number of commissioners, whether the County Executive should be elected or appointed, and if Initiative and Referendum should be added to the Charter.   Had there been agreement on those issues we would have been able to evaluate the candidates, but even on these basic issues there was no agreement reached.

We would recommend reading the candidate statements, visit their websites if they have them and contact them directly.  There is one website, not affiliated with us, that lists conservative Freeholder candidates which might be of interest to you.  (This should not be construed as an endorsement of the CCRP). 

Ultimately, it will be the Charter derived from this process that will need to pass muster with the electorate.  If the Charter is not representative of what the people decide is needed, it will be voted down.    
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The Clark County Republican Party is not endorsing any Freeholder candidates and doesn't necessarily agree with all statements and commentary at freeholder.info.