CCRP Endorses "Write In Liz Pike" Campaign

For Immediate Release August 28th 2015

CCRP Endorses Write In Liz Pike campaign, and additional candidates, in the 2015 General Election.

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, the Clark County Republican Party Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) considered their options in the County Chair race.

They met next door to Shared Hope International, the acclaimed non-profit organization founded by Clark County’s last victorious write-in candidate, Linda Smith.

Finding themselves without a conservative candidate in the race for county chair, the Republican PCOs overwhelmingly endorsed the Write In Liz Pike for County Chair campaign. They took the additional step to officially oppose the candidacies of Marc Boldt and Mike Delasandro for the same position.

Noting that the conservative credentials of Liz Pike are unquestioned, and that she has stated she would serve if elected through this draft campaign, over 79% of the voting PCOs expressed their belief that writing in Liz Pike for County Chair was the best option for the future of Clark County government.

This is exciting news for conservatives of Clark County who are frustrated by the lack of a Republican on the November ballot. The success of this campaign will depend on each voter recruiting others to write in the name of Liz Pike in the County Chair race.

We are confident that a universally respected leader like Liz Pike is the winning formula for Clark County.

Other endorsements on Wednesday included Julie Olson for County Councilor, District 2; Dick Rylander, Battle Ground School Board; Rosemary Fryer, Vancouver School Board; Lisa Ross, Port Commission. Prior endorsements include Frank Decker for Evergreen School Board and Dan Coursey for Washougal City Council.

For additional information contact:
Kenny Smith, Chairman 
Clark County Republican Party 

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  • Stephen Kenny
    commented 2016-08-28 20:06:04 -0700
    Was there as I had heard a unanimous endorsement by PCO’s of Amanda Richards for LD14 State Senate? Steve Kenny – Goldendale, WA – email:
  • Kerry McAlister
    commented 2015-10-12 21:00:40 -0700
    Why is the CCRP splitting the vote? There are signs all over the county for Pike and Boldt, each has an attached notice that they are endorsed by the Rep. Party. This action will split the vote and Dalesandro will waltz right into office without any true opposition. Make up your collective minds it’s either one or the other and time is running out.
  • Louise Wolsey
    commented 2015-09-30 13:59:24 -0700
    Can’t believe that Richard gave me the “Real Republican” crap.
  • Richard Johnson
    commented 2015-09-30 13:00:48 -0700
    In response to Louise, sure the election was “fair and square”, but if you look as the total votes by party, the Republican Party won, but it was split by multiple candidates. This caused every Republican to have no representation in the November elections.

    Neither candidate on the ballot represents the majority of voters. This is exactly why you should write in Liz Pike, if of course you really are a Republican and want your party to lead the County.
  • Phil Haggerty
    commented 2015-09-06 14:36:45 -0700
    If Marc Boldt represented Republicans with his voting history, I would vote for him. But his history of voting tax increases, endorsing democrats, creating more government, lack of support for gun owners… enough is enough. I’m writing in
    Liz Pike!
  • Leslie Brown
    commented 2015-08-31 11:21:46 -0700
    I agree. Liz has a job. The GOP needs to show respect for the new county charter – the parts it likes and the parts it doesn’t like. The people clearly spoke about their discontent with the way the County was being run when the new charter was approved. If the GOP wants to be effective, it needs to listen and adapt. It also needs to allow breathing room for its candidates. I am voting for Boldt and will not consider joining the write-in rebellion. If you want to hand this election to a democrat, you are certainly palying the cards correctly to accomplish that.
  • Louise Wolsey
    commented 2015-08-31 08:45:50 -0700
    I am 76 years old and have been a Republican all my life but will NOT be writing in Liz Pike. Nothing against her, just the whole thing stinks. I am ashamed and disgusted with the way this was done. Makes the CCRP look like spoiled brats because they didn’t win. The election was fair and square and we lost. Marc Boldt is a good, fair man. I also voted for Steve Stewart.