Election Special - Supreme Court & PUD

Ballots went in the mail yesterday which means some of us will be voting today!  Can you believe it?  It is finally here!

We call your attention to four non-partisan races that we hope will get your support.  These races are often skipped by the voters because they don’t have time to study the candidates and the candidates have no party affiliation attached to them. 

There are nine members on the state supreme court.  We have a chance to replace three of them this year with these highly qualified individuals.  These three have been endorsed by the Clark County Republican Party and the Washington State Republican Party.  We need you to vote, and encourage your friends to vote as well.  This is an unprecedented opportunity to restore sanity to the court.

The League of Women Voters held a 1-1/2 hour forum with all six candidates in Spokane last month which can be viewed here: http://www.tvw.org/watch/?eventID=2016091115.  (Other debates, forums & interviews can be found at the TVW site).  A summary of the event was published in the Spokesman-Review by WSRP member and friend, Sue Lani Madson, here.

Clicking on the names below will send you to either a website or Facebook page for more information:

State Supreme Court Justice Pos. 1: David DeWolf (Be sure to check out his 4-part video series)

State Supreme Court Justice Pos. 5: Greg Zempel  2 minute video introduction

State Supreme Court Justice Pos. 6: Dave Larson (Even the Seattle Times endorsed Judge Larson!)

We also encourage your support for PUD Commissioner, Nancy Barnes.  She has provided excellent service at the PUD and has been an active member of the Clark County Republican Party for years.  She has earned your vote.

Clark PUD – Pos. 2 – Nancy Barnes Cell Phone - 360-909-3683

For other races and issues please visit the “Ballot Recommendation” tab at our website.  Where we have made no recommendation, or for further study, we suggest:
ClarkCounty.info’s Political Candidate Evaluation Matrix by Jurisdiction.
Family Policy Institute of Washington’s recommended IVoter guide.

Help us get the vote out!  We still have yard signs for many candidates.  Please stop in and get yours today. 

Call me any time,

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party
9401 NE Covington Rd., Vancouver