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In the past we railed against east coast election returns being reported on election night before our polls close.  This year they are trying to break our spirit even before Election Day arrives!  Do not be fooled by their false reports.  We are on track to win and your vote is critical.  If you need encouragement just come spend time at Republican HQ.  You’ll witness a steady stream of new voters, old voters, former Democratic voters; all excited about our candidates.

Today we’re highlighting four statewide races that don’t get the attention they deserve.  All four of our candidates are highly skilled and well-suited for the job, and all four have opponents who are far left and should not be allowed anywhere near the controls of government. 

Marty McClendon is our rock-solid conservative candidate for Lt. Governor.  In the vein of the Founding Fathers, Marty does not plan to be a “professional politician,” but rather a “Gentleman Statesman” – one who sees it as his duty to fill a need in government for a time, and then return to his private life.  His diverse professional and personal life experiences make him an excellent choice for Lt. Governor.  Watch, at least, his one minute video titled “What does a Lt. Governor do?” You’ll find it at his media page.

Marty’s opponent, Cyrus Habib, has stated that he will use the positon to advance progressive ideals.  The contrast between the two could not be greater.  Habib has tremendous campaign resources, generated primarily from outside of Washington state.  Marty needs our grassroots efforts to win this election.  This is a race we can win.  Lets work for every vote!

With your help, Senator Mark Miloscia will be our next State Auditor.  The position is being vacated by disgraced Democrat, Troy Kelly, who is under multiple indictments.  Senator Miloscia’s 3-minute speech at our County convention last March highlighted his excellent qualifying experience. Though he has spent his career auditing private and public organizations, his opponent, Pat McCarthy, has no experience in audits.  Last year, when a private citizen filed a referendum to put a $225 million administration building to a vote of the people, she sued him!  We need an accountability champion like Mark Miloscia, not a career politician who retaliates when questioned.  Let’s all get out and work hard for Mark’s election!  Click here for his radio commercial just released today.

Public Lands Commissioner candidate, Steve McLaughlin, is a naturalist, hiker, backpacker, mountaineer, hunter, fisherman, and conservationist. His impressive resume makes him the top candidate to manage our State Trust Lands, lead the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and command the largest fire department in the state.  His opponent, Hilary Franz is a leftwing radical environmentalist attorney and Executive Director of Futurewise.  If you are an advocate for private property rights or managed forests, you definitely need to help us elect Steve.  Please check out his 3-1/2 minute video, but you absolutely must read Steve's background on his home page and continue on to “Steve’s Story”.  What an incredible opportunity to have a talented, steadfast and loyal candidate for office!  Lets do all we can for Steve!

Finally, we highlight the Secretary of State race.  Republican incumbent, Kim Wyman, is actually well known to the voters, but due to the current conversations regarding election integrity we should make sure our friends understand what is at stake.  Her opponent, Tina Podlodowski, is a left-wing extremist with no elections experience!  Clearly, we need to keep her far, far away from leadership in elections. 

Kim has been a state and national leader in voter registration and elections innovation, serving on numerous organizations, panels and workgroups. She is a state and national certified elections administrator who has dedicated over 23 years to improving elections, promoting civic engagement and connecting people with their government.  Kim Wyman has been endorsed by every daily newspaper and every County Elections Auditor in the state!  Here is a recent 2 minute ad that highlights her skills and endorsements.

What unites these four races is the integrity and competence of our candidates and the stark contrast of their opponents.  These are races to get excited about! 

We have just 12 days and we need you!  Statewide races will not be controlled by King County if we just improve Clark County voter turnout.  That is where you come in. 

If you are currently working closely with a candidate, keep it up!

If you want to help a specific candidate, contact them today (find their links at our ballot recommendation page or call me)!

If you want to volunteer with us, call me immediately.

If you want to help financially, we can take any amount up to $5,000 and I know exactly what to do with it.  Amounts large or small are greatly appreciated, but time is running out.  Call me to arrange a donation or donate securely online at: https://clarkrepublicans.nationbuilder.com/one_time_donation.

If there is any way in which you want to help this all-volunteer effort in Clark County I encourage you to contact us today.

Thank you so much for your support!

Kenny Smith
Clark County Republican Party

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