Defeat The Charter



The Republican Party believes that transparency is essential to good governance.

WHEREAS, this Freeholders’ Charter limits the quantity and quality of information
that is easily and directly obtained by the people and their elected representatives. Three
full-time Commissioners are replaced by five “Councilors” who only meet twice a
month. These Councilors will be totally dependent on staff for critical information and
department oversight. Only the at-large Council Chair is allowed to speak publicly on
County business. (See Section 2.2); and,

The Republican Party is deeply committed to the principle that government must
be accountable and responsive to the citizens it serves.

WHEREAS, the Freeholders’ Charter removes power from the voter and their
Commissioners, and transfers the power to an unelected Manager, staff and the at-large
Council Chair. The Charter diminishes representative democracy in Clark County and
once lost cannot be reclaimed. (See Section 2:6); and,

The Republican Party believes in the importance of checks and balances on

WHEREAS, the Initiative/Referendum offered in the Charter as a check on power is
a toothless tiger which offers no real check on power. The Freeholders’ Charter specifies
that due to Constitutional limits, Charter prohibitions and court decisions, the
initiative/referendum offered in the Charter does not allow citizens to use a petition to
address taxes, budgets, fees, projects, policy issues or even the Charter itself. (See
Section 7.2A1-6); and,

The Republican Party is an advocate for limited and cost-effective government.

WHEREAS, confusion is expensive. No information is available on what the new
Manager will be paid. There is no reasonable estimate on the cost of the transition were
the Charter to pass. Due to the greatly increased authority and responsibility of the
unelected County Manager, and because this Manager will determine starting salaries for
management employees as well as negotiate union contracts, logic dictates that there will
be increased costs to the taxpayer. There will be long term costs associated with reducing
the authority and ability of the Commissioners to manage and keep bureaucratic growth
in check. The Freeholders’ Charter will grow government. (See Section 3B1-9); and,

The power now rests with the people and their elected representatives, the
Commissioners. They are readily accessible and accountable to the voters, a truly
representative democracy.

WHEREAS, the Freeholders’ Charter unnecessarily changes this long established form of
County government.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, we the Clark County Republican Party urge the defeat of
the Freeholders’ Charter when it appears on the November 2014 ballot.