Defeat I-594



WHEREAS, Every human is imbued, as a matter of reason and nature, with the UNALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHT TO FREEDOM, and the UNALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHT TO LIVE;

WHEREAS, In order to secure this right to live, humans must exercise their unalienable right to freedom, to choose, acquire, and possess the means to protect themselves, their families, their communities, and their country;

WHEREAS, a legitimate government, that professes to separate itself above the despotic regimes of the world by virtue of deriving it's just powers from the CONSENT of those governed, cannot by extension and without consent interfere in the UNALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHT TO FREEDOM and LIFE of any individual person to acquire the means to protect life, nor impose upon it's people which means of defense and protection are legitimate or illegitimate;

WHEREAS, this principle is recognized in Amendment II of the Constitution of the United States of America, wherein it is enumerated that the “Right of the People To Keep and Bear Arms shall not be Infringed;” 

WHEREAS, the Washington State Constitution also recognizes these UNALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS, wherein Article I, Section 1 states, “governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights,” and Section 24 states, “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired...”

WHEREAS, I-594 is a treacherous attempt by billionaire and millionaire plutocrats (Michael Bloomberg, Nicolaus Hanauer, Lenore Hanauer, Connie Ballmer, Ann Wyckoff) and their sycophants, both within and outside this state, to use the initiative process to usurp power that the state does not constitutionally nor morally have, and is an attempt to impose upon individuals, without their express consent, a means to register every firearm in Washington;

WHEREAS, Washington Initiative 594 is a critical step necessary for eventual total firearm registration and confiscation and creates the framework for this complete registry;

WHEREAS, The specious safety scheme of I-594 cannot work if the government does not have a complete record of every firearm owned by every person;

WHEREAS, I-594 will NOT stop the criminal element from acquiring firearms, any more than prohibition stopped the acquisition of alcohol;

WHEREAS, I-594's byzantine code will criminalize lending a firearm to your spouse, friend, son or daughter, or parent;

WHEREAS, I-594 will make you dependent on your local chief of police or sheriff's unconstitutional and immoral written permission in order to receive a pistol – without making mandatory that the police chief or sheriff provide his written permission if you are otherwise not prohibited from owning a firearm;

WHEREAS, I-594 WILL NOT reduce the already low gun violence rate we have in Washington;

WHEREAS, I-594 WILL create unconstitutional legislation similar to that in higher crime places like Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and California;

WHEREAS, I-594 IS a major step towards more firmly entrenching the billionaire plutocrats behind it;

WHEREAS, I-594 WILL create felonious criminals out of moral and decent people engaging in activities that free Washingtonians have done peacefully for over 125 years;

THEREFORE, We The People of the Clark County Republican Party, RESOLVE to oppose I-594 and inform and advocate our friends, family, neighbors, communities, and fellow county citizens to vote NO on Initiative 594;

THEREFORE, We RESOLVE that this RESOLUTION be published immediately on our party website. Additionally, it shall be combined with the “Clark County Republican Central Committee Resolution To Affirm Our Unalienable Right To Bear Arms” and be distributed as a press release to media outlets, be shared with other County Parties throughout the state, be emailed to all of the legislators, senators, sheriffs, and the governor of Washington state, and be emailed to all of the pertinent email addresses we deliver to (at the discretion of the board).