Chairman Wilson to Resign






January 14th, 2014

Contact: Lynda Wilson, Chairman, Clark County Republican Party


It is with both sadness and pride that I must announce that the Clark County Republican Party Board of Directors has received notice from Chairman Lynda Wilson of her intent to resign as Chairman effective January 31st.  News came in a letter from Chairman Wilson siting the need to focus on her campaign for State House of Representatives in the 17th District.

Pursuant to the governing bylaws of the Clark County Republican Party it is my duty and intent to call a special meeting of the Central Committee in order to elect a new Chairman as quickly as possible. This will ensure the continued efficient operation of the Clark County Republican Party.   Precinct Committee Officers should monitor their email for a future call to the previously mentioned special meeting.

We wish Lynda Wilson much luck in her future endeavors and thank her for her service.


Steven J. Nelson

Vice-Chairman, Clark County Republican Party


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