Chairman's Statement


Lynda Wilson, CCRP Chairwoman

General Vision and Key Objectives for our Local Republican Party

Without vision, complex endeavors will fail. The mission to improve our Republican party is complex—and this document lays out my vision to proceed. This vision, and resultant objectives, has been developed in the last few years from experience in political campaigns, ballot initiatives and activism in our local community. Local Republican colleagues have been an essential influence in developing these objectives—as together we have tested and refined many of the items show below. These objectives for our local Republican Party fall into two categories: (1) Organizational Structural Objectives, and (2) Operational Objectives and Vision.

Organization Structural Objectives: The following objectives are foundational to our local Republican Party. These objectives must be achieved to make solid success on the operational objectives listed in the next section.

Communication and collaboration technology:  We must use modern technology for effective execution of our party's local activities. This includes web-based conferencing (so we can be at our homes for many meetings) and upgrading the office systems/procedures (including low-cost Internet phones that enable numerous new options to have the office monitored and reach out to others). If any PCO or volunteer is a bit shy of all of this technology, we will have processes to accommodate them so they can participate effectively.

Motivate and mobilize volunteers:  We have plans to put in place processes and a management database to greatly increase active volunteers. Understanding and respecting the volunteer's available time, talents, and interests is the key. This volunteer management process is intended to effectively eliminate the inefficient way volunteers are recruited now (such as email blasts within a few days of an event).  The strain on PCOs will also be lowered as the party develops this list of active and motivated volunteers.

Clark County Voter Data:  We will use available voter database management tools which are better and easier to use than current tools, and also provide more local control.  With the resultant data, modern analytics can be used to study voting trends and adjust our approach to a particular campaign or voter outreach activity. We plan to leverage the good historical data and qualitative insight the party has through long time volunteers.

Operational Objectives and Vision: The following primary operational objectives are critical principles and philosophies which I will continually keep in mind while we work together to build a growing, active and successful local Republican party.

Conservative Republican Party:  I believe that an unafraid conservative message is a winner—as it is the path to healing our country both financially and culturally. In an effective and compelling way, I will work with our team to deliver this message to the citizens of Clark County—and work with other Washington state counties in similar work.

Well managed events:  The caucuses, conventions, and other events will be well managed with considerable foresight, always keeping an eye out for opportunities to further our goals and vision.  Poorly run events are a spectacular waste of opportunity as they alienate potential new party activists.  Organized and successful events are great recruiting tools; therefore it is imperative that along with well planned events we provide proper training and preparation to all participants.

Support for our candidates:  Provide improved and sustainable support largely based on the new technical foundation and improved volunteer status described above.  Innovative ideas can make the party a point of political collaboration among the campaigns, enabling candidates to better leverage their resources for mutual benefit.  During campaign season the party should have a single person tasked with coordinating between the party and the various campaigns, looking for opportunities to facilitate broad success.

Grass roots voices heard:  Provide leadership that enables the voices of the grassroots Republicans to be heard and be influential in an orderly and pragmatic way. In this regard, I support the new proposed local party bylaws which appropriately decentralize power from the chair to the board and the Central Committee, and gives appropriate new influence to the PCOs.

 Develop financial resources:  I and others in our party are connected to many potential donors who would be inspired by a local party which operates with the resolve and modern structure described in this statement. The effect will be many more people enthusiastically supporting our party and its mission.  There are many people who although they give to political efforts, do not donate to the party because they are disenchanted with it for any number of reasons.  New leadership, new goals, coupled with realistic and effective strategies to achieve success can inspire such donors to refocus their support to our local Republican party.

Support local businesses and jobs:  Work with our local politicians to support their activities to develop economic prosperity and good jobs.  Make our Clark County Republican Party a publicized and well-known facilitator of developing our local economy.

Public relations:  Develop a group of creative thinkers who will create public relations campaigns and events to build the local GOP brand in a positive, community building way.  The Democrats seem to own this pro-community message, but it is built on policies that will eventually deteriorate communities.  We must have an ongoing effort to win back this perception through pro-active, positive, event-driven action designed to garner publicity which will further this and other goals.

Do the right thing:  There are numerous political situations in which politicians and ‘friends’ make calculations and decisions based on self-serving political interests. I am dedicated to helping facilitate good decisions and developing candidates who are true statesman.  The advancement of our Republican agenda to help our county, state, and country should drive our actions—and not the advancement of personalities or political position.