Benton calls for Planned Parenthood audit.


Senator Don Benton of Vancouver called for the investigation of Planned Parenthood afterThe Alliance Defending Freedom accused them of over-billing Medicaid and the state of Washington at least 50,000 times, costing the state $337 million.  Senator Benton said an audit is the best way to determine if the accusations are true.  In the senator’s letter he said, “We should not wait for a judicial decision on this case. Taxpayers expect the State to use their tax dollars wisely. We must verify Mr. Bloebow’s claims and, if found to be true, insist that PP fully reimburse the State.

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  • Christian Berrigan
    commented 2014-05-31 11:48:33 -0700
    Hi Rick, thanks for your comment! To clarify, I think the accusation came from The Alliance Defending Freedom and Benton’s response was not an accusation but to call for an audit, because as he said, “an audit is the best way to determine if the accusations are true.” I can’t speak for whether or not The Alliance would apologize if the audit clears PP, but as a State Legislator I think Benton’s call for an audit is appropriate, assuming that there’s “enough smoke” underlying the allegations. What do you think?
  • Rick Schmitt
    commented 2014-05-31 07:10:50 -0700
    If the accusations against Planned Parenthood by Don Benton and The Alliance Defending Freedom are false I wonder whether they would consider at least an apology to Planned Parenthood for false accusation. probably not huh. Oh well, I was simply expressing my opinion. Free speech
  • Penny Lulich
    commented 2014-02-06 16:15:02 -0800
    Absolutely right!