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Phone Bank Launch

It was a fantastic evening working with Clark County Republicans, launching the 2017 Phone Bank!

This evening, members of the Clark County Republican Party came together to work towards common goals and agendas. Thank you to all those who joined us this evening, and those who stopped by to say hi and even dropped off donations. Recently, some have tried to divide us and shift our focus in a negative direction during the 2017 election season - they are failing! And it showed tonight, with several amazing people working together and enjoying what it means to part of the CCRP! We are committed to supporting those who are willing to serve and represent us on many levels. Please join the team!

Please feel free to join the positive group of volunteers, sign up today! Please email DavidGellatly@ClarkRepublicans.com 
We will be running a phone bank 5 days a week until election day.

Candidates who will be working during these months include Kris Greene, Steve Cox, Park Llafet, Dan Coursey and more!


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Joint Press Release, Clark County GOP/Dems

For Immediate Release



The Clark County Republicans and the Clark County Democrats strongly condemn the actions of a shooter in Virginia this morning whose unprovoked and deliberate act wounded four people, including an United States congressman and local law enforcement officers. The local parties have long planned to hold a softball game between the parties called “The Clark Cup” this Sunday, June 18th which will also serve as a fundraiser for “Santa’s Posse”, a local children’s charity. Off duty Clark County Sheriff’s deputies will be assisting with our game and serving as umpires. We are working closely with the Clark County Sheriff’s office to ensure the safety and comfort of our attendees and players for the game on Sunday. Both Clark County GOP Chair David Gellatly and Clark County Democratic Chair Rich Rogers are committed to providing a fun, safe, family oriented and secure event celebrating our community and our ability to engage with each other in a civil and productive manner. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been impacted by this morning’s shooting and both local parties are committed to moving forward and not letting this terrible act prevent us from promoting events to bring our community together. We feel we could all use this reminder more than ever. We look forward to seeing you at the game on Sunday, June 18th at 1pm, Luke Jensen Field, Vancouver WA. 

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From the Chairman - March 09, 2017

Hello Clark County Republican! 


We are seeing a lot of excitement and desire to be involved and make a difference; locally, statewide and nationally. The information in this email provides multiple avenues to do so as well as areas WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please follow up with me and I will get you in touch with the right person.

Join the Fun - Join the Movement - Make a Difference - Make Clark County Great - Be The Party!!

I. We would love to have you involved with the local party here in Clark County. Here are a few ways to do so: 

  1. Become a Precinct Committee officer! We currently have 120 of the 280 precincts open and can fill with those who wish to volunteer. You can be the “team captain” of your neighborhood for the party and have a seat on the central committee (the governing body of the Clark County Republican Party) helping make important decisions with regards to our community. Please email me for more information.
  2. Please Support your Local Party! You can make a monthly donation, as little as 5 dollars a month makes a huge difference when we have everyone doing so. We are very much in need of increasing our support in this area. If you are unable to take up a position within the party or community, this is the single biggest area we could use YOUR help. Click HERE to sign up now -  We Thank You!
  3. Join us for Events! Over the past few months, we have seen the largest attendance for our events ever – the excitement is building! We are committed to continuing this effort. We are launching networking events where you can learn more about opportunities and holding other large events coming up soon! See below for more information. You can click HERE to view our calendar, or click HERE to follow us on Facebook.

II. We also need our great folks who care, to run for office. One area often over looked are School Board seats, but these greatly effect our community. Also, several city council and mayoral races coming up, including the city of Vancouver mayoral race which candidates are needed!

III. We have events coming up and we would LOVE to have YOU there!! Here are just a few of the upcoming events.

We are launching a regular monthly networking event for the Clark County Republican Party. This will be same time, same place Every First Friday of the month. Please click HERE to join the event on Facebook and keep updated on what we are doing, from joining Toast Master, to Leadership Networks, Campaign Volunteers to Training Classes and more!!


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Come celebrate the inauguration of our 45th President!

Wear your Donald Trump Gear to this cocktail party at Six West Lounge in Vancouver. 

Hosted by the Clark County Republican Party, this event will be a celebration of the inauguration of Donald J Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. This is sure to be an event to remember.

Donations for the party will be taken at the door and there is a no host bar.


Come Join Us and show your excitement the future of this Great Nation!



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4th Annual Night Before NYE Party

The Clark County Republican Party is hosting it's 4th Annual Night Before New Year's Eve Party on Dec 30th at 6:30pm.

With victories nationwide at the ballot box, local victories at home, and the transition of our very own Board of Directors of there is much to celebrate this year. This is sure to be an exciting event. 

Hear from speakers; Liz Pike, Brandon Vick, Paul Harris and Vicki Kraft

 4th Annaul NYE Party

Click Here for more info and tickets.

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Press Release - New Board Members Announced!

Clark County Republican Central Committee, 2016 Organization Meeting to Elect Board Members and Other Amendments. 


The Central Committee is the governing body of the Party consisting of the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) elected per state law. On Saturday 12/03/16, 133 Clark County PCOs attended the reorganizing meeting. After amendments were introduced, debated and voted on by the committee, and after board nominations were made, candidate speeches were made and committee voted; the results of the meeting are as follows:


The following board members were elected by the committee:

Chairman: David Gellatly, 

Vice Chairman: Leslie Meharry, 

State Committeeman: Joseph Wagner, 

State Committeewoman: Katja Delavar, 

Treasurer: Suzanne Gerhardt, 

Secretary: Karen Trumbull, 

LD14 Director: Piper McEwen, 

LD17 Chairman: Tom Tangen,

LD18 Chairman: George Hacker, 

LD20 Director: Clyde Holland, 

LD49 Chairman: Jim Johnson.


The Following amendments were adopted:               

  • We adopted a new Vetting process for candidates
  • We added to our bylaws the following statement:

The primary purpose of this organization is to elect Republicans who support our Core Principles and Party Platform to public office.

  • And we readopted our Core Principles, 

EQUALITY UNDER LAW--Public officials should not exempt themselves from our
laws or regulations.
ACCOUNTABILITY--Public officials should be held accountable to their oath of office,
regardless of party affiliation.
SANCTITY OF LIFE--Human life, regardless of age, has the right to legal protection.
MINIMAL GOVERNMENT--Government's powers should be minimal, clearly defined,
and honestly interpreted.


To meet the new board and thank the previous members, all members of the Republican Party are encouraged to attend the annual Night Before New Years Eve event. Tickets are available or please RSVP, https://www.facebook.com/events/1294128023942440/


We look forward the working together and representing Clark County Republicans. We thank the previous board for their leadership, time and commitment they have dedicated to the party.


For Further Information, Please Contact David Gellatly, Chairman @ 360.991.5265 (email address will be updated soon).

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From the Chairman's Desk-November 29, 2016

Political parties are controlled by grassroots activists (when they have the courage to assert their control).

The leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC) is elected by the leadership of each State Republican Party (as well as US Territories and Washington DC).

The leadership of the State Republican Party (WSRP) is elected by the leadership of each County Republican Party in WA State.

The leadership of the County Party (CCRP) is elected by the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs).

PCOs are elected by the voters in their precinct during the August Primary in each even-numbered year. (A precinct is a voting district of less than 1500 registered voters).  Clark County has 252 precincts.  The PCOs elected in 2016 are listed here.  (No one filed to run in those vacant precincts).

So…voters in the precincts elect the PCOs, who elect county party leaders, who elect state party leaders, who elect national party leaders.  Simple, huh?

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From the Chairman's Desk-November 22, 2016

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From the Chairman's Desk-November 15, 2016

This, and videos like it, have been all over social media but we will never tire of watching it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT0Rjc6jKCg

We started this presidential cycle with one goal:  Give every supporter the tools and encouragement they need to be effective advocates for their candidate regardless of which Republican presidential candidate they support.  As a result we made lots of new friends and recruited lots of new volunteers.  What an incredible election!  While there was an all-out assault on our nominee the Clark County Republican Party and the Washington State Republican Party never wavered in their support for the people's choice.  They are both to be commended.

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From the Chairman's Desk-November 8, 2016

Please pray for our nation and our candidates. 

Republican HQ will be open as late as possible tonight to help you with your ballot.   The phone number is 360-695-1609 and the address is 9401 NE Covington Rd.  Check out our Ballot Recommendation page and call or stop by if you need assistance. 

Please devote the day to finding friends that have not yet voted and helping them get their ballots turned in...And then let's party!

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