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Stewart to Run for County Commissioner as a Republican!

JeanneStewart.jpgThe Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) has received word from former Vancouver City Council Woman Jeanne E. Stewart that she intends to run for the office of Clark County Commissioner, District 3.  In a letter received by CCRP Chairman Kenny Smith, Stewart states that....

 “After careful soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that my most important principles and philosophies are more closely aligned with those of the Republican Party “.  

We welcome Candidate Stewart to the Party and wish her the best of luck in her endeavors.  We encourage Clark County Republicans county wide to contact Jeanne with your questions or your support if you choose. 

There are no other announced Republican challengers at the time of this post. 

The text of Stewart's letter to Chairman Smith follows....



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Chairman's Update 4-20-2014

April 20, 2014

I hope you have had a great Easter and your day has been blessed.

Watch our calendar and send event announcements to media@ClarkRepublicans.com –especially when you see opportunities for our candidates.

LINCOLN DAY DINNER SUCCESS--Great speakers, wonderful turnout and $43,000 raised! 


Excellent work everyone!  We had a great evening and we raised over $43,000!  Thank you to everyone who made it possible!  Combined with last year's Dinner, PCO matching funds and the Christmas party we have raised over $110,000 during the past 14 months!  Thank you so much to our volunteers, sponsors & PCOs!

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Washington Legislators Urge Clackamas County Commissioners to Say No to Light Rail into Vancouver

Washington State legislators send open letter Clackamas County Commissioners urging them to say no to Light Rail crossing into Vancouver.


The letter cites a myriad of reasons why the current Columbia River Crossing (CRC) should be stopped and urges the Commissioners to consider the multiple votes held on the issue in Clark County.

You can view the letter here

We are asking all of our supporters to contact Oregon Republican legislators to join Rep. Conger in putting the CRC to rest for good.  Rep. Conger could also use some emails of support telling him how much we appreciate his courage in leading this charge from the Oregon side.   Rep.JasonConger@state.or.us  

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2014 Budget and Gun Registry

Governor Inslee is promoting his 2014 Budget as drama free.gunrights.jpg

This ain’t necessarily so…

Specifically, the 2014 budget would spend:

…“$409,000 of the general fund (on a) state appropriation (to fund) seven temporary staff to eliminate the firearm-transfer backlog of 144,000 documents by June 30, 2015. The department shall convene a work group to develop a report on making the firearms program a fee-recovery program. The work group must examine changes including but not limited to making firearm-transfer reporting mandatory, charging a fee for firearms transfer recording, and recommending cost-recovery methods to keep up with demand.”

Joe Waldron, legislative director for the Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association says the Handgun Registry is so incomplete that the list serves no real purpose.  “It’s never about background checks or any of the other things these people say it is,” he said. “It’s always about registration of every weapon. If they know who owns every gun and where it is, the next step is taking them away. All of these other things they do are just a way to move the ball in that direction.” 

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Benton calls for Planned Parenthood audit.


Senator Don Benton of Vancouver called for the investigation of Planned Parenthood afterThe Alliance Defending Freedom accused them of over-billing Medicaid and the state of Washington at least 50,000 times, costing the state $337 million.  Senator Benton said an audit is the best way to determine if the accusations are true.  In the senator’s letter he said, “We should not wait for a judicial decision on this case. Taxpayers expect the State to use their tax dollars wisely. We must verify Mr. Bloebow’s claims and, if found to be true, insist that PP fully reimburse the State.

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2013 Gala Images

A big thank you to all who attended the 2013 Gala.  
We'd like to share some of the wonderful images that were caught that night by Renae Smith.

Simply click the image below to view the pictures.


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County Advisory Positions Available


Now's your chance to serve your community and help with the process of making Clark County government more efficient and effective. 

Currently there are several advisory committee positions open and we need your help to fill them.  This is your chance to jump in and make a positive deference.  


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2013 Holiday Gala and Dessert Dash


In the spirit of the season the Clark County Republican Party invites you to join us in an evening of party unity and camaraderie.



Please join us on Friday, December 13th at 6:00 PM.  The event will be held at the beautiful Fairgate Inn in Camas, WA.   Local Republican legislators will be in attendance and speaking.   Attendees are encouraged to bring a child's toy for the Clark County Sheriff's Department, Santa's Posse and lots of Christmas cheer.  Proceeds from the event and dessert dash will help fund our critical 2014 efforts.  It will be an excellent time to celebrate and share some camaraderie with fellow Republicans. See you there!

 Special Guest







 Brian Sonntag, Former Washington State Auditor, and current Fellow at the Freedom Foundation.  

You will often find these words in newspaper endorsements and other articles about former Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag. His willingness to ignore party labels, challenge the status quo, and stand up for taxpayers meant the life-long Democrat consistently won many Republican votes and often upset the state’s political establishment. It also made him a regular Freedom Foundation ally.


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What to do about Freeholders??


The CCRP has decided not to endorse candidates in the Freeholder races because there has been no consensus of what the makeup of the Charter should look like even among the many solid (known) Republicans in these non-partisan races. We could list those who we believe are good Republicans, but in many races that would be almost half of those running.

Some of the areas where vast disagreement exists among our members are the number of commissioners, whether the County Executive should be elected or appointed, and if Initiative and Referendum should be added to the Charter.   Had there been agreement on those issues we would have been able to evaluate the candidates, but even on these basic issues there was no agreement reached.

We would recommend reading the candidate statements, visit their websites if they have them and contact them directly.  There is one website, not affiliated with us, that lists conservative Freeholder candidates which might be of interest to you.  (This should not be construed as an endorsement of the CCRP). 

Ultimately, it will be the Charter derived from this process that will need to pass muster with the electorate.  If the Charter is not representative of what the people decide is needed, it will be voted down.    
  Click on the map to go to freeholder.info



The Clark County Republican Party is not endorsing any Freeholder candidates and doesn't necessarily agree with all statements and commentary at freeholder.info.


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Decker on Lars

Lars_image.jpgFrank Decker candidate for Vancouver City Council called into the Lars Larson show on Monday October 21st.  Listen to the interview to hear Decker's  stance on the issues that face Vancouver.

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