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From the Chairman's Desk- August 3, 2014

You Are the 20%

Clark County Election Week Update

Watch our calendar and send event announcements to media@ClarkRepublicans.com especially when you see opportunities for our candidates.  

Ballots must be turned in by Tuesday, August 5th!

Four out of five of your neighbors have not voted—which gives you a real opportunity!  Just look through your contact list, make a few calls and you will boost our numbers.  When voter turn-out is low, each new voter has even more influence.  They will vote if you ask them.  This is a super-easy task to do during the next two days.  Please make that list now and start calling.  They will thank you (I’m totally serious).

To learn about Republican candidates look for their contact information here.  Also check out CVTV for forums and interviews.  Click on both the “Files” & “Folder” links (you don’t have to buy a copy).  Couv.com has Sheriff interviewshere and a summary video of the NAMI forum here.

One of the things your Clark County Republican Party is doing to Get Out The Vote is a Radio spot on 970AM.  Have you have heard it?  Check it out here.  We have another ad that will run only on election day.

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New Radio Ad to Air on Freedom 970

The Clark County Republican Party is running the following radio ad for the 2014 Primary GOTV effort.  The ad will be running on Freedom 970 AM during the Mark Levin show (3pm - 6pm) Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday, July 31st through 5th.  Enjoy --- and please share on your social media feeds!



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From the Chairman's Desk- July 27, 2014

8 Days to Victory

Watch our calendar and send event announcements to media@ClarkRepublicans.com especially when you see opportunities for our candidates.  


This week it was the Camas Days Parade ending with our very BIG TRUCK in a very narrow street with children and adults everywhere!   Nerve wracking for our driver, I think.  Thanks again to Joel Olson Trucking for a beautiful truck and a great driver! Thanks to the candidates and many volunteers who have made our parade entries a success!  You will find pictures of all the other candidate floats here.  You’ll have to click on the left arrow to get to the newest pages which are not yet up tonight.

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Herrera Beutler Statement on ACA Court Decision

Yesterday, two federal courts announced opposing decisions on cases questioning the legality of the IRS to provide subsidies for those buying insurance on the federal health care exchange. Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) released the following statement after the DC Court of Appeals decision which ruled against the government position.

“This ruling against one of the health care law’s central pillars is just one latest reminder of how problem-riddled and unworkable the Affordable Care Act is.  Five years ago, Congress hastily passed this massive health care bill in order to find out what it did – and since then, Southwest Washington families have seen their premiums go up, their plans cancelled, the loss of their doctors, and their access to care limited.  In Washington state, just this week we found out that the health care coverage of 6,000 Washington state residents has been jeopardized over yet another of the law’s ‘glitches.’  We don’t need any more glaring reminders that our region needs better patient-centered health care reform that makes health care more accessible, affordable and higher quality for everyone.  There are better solutions to ensure Americans who are young, or struggling, or living with a pre-existing condition can access good health care.”


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From The Chairman's Desk- July 20, 2014

Ready, Set, Vote! 


Watch our calendar and send event announcements to media@ClarkRepublicans.com especially when you see opportunities for our candidates.  


What a great weekend!  Battle Ground Harvest Days Classic Car Cruise on Friday, then Harvest Days Parade and Cruise the Gut in Vancouver on Saturday.  We were there for much of it and have photos for you here.  If you have photos to add please send them to media@ClarkRepublicans.com.

Thanks again to Joel Olson Trucking for a beautiful truck and a terrific driver!

Ballots are here!  The August 5th Primary Election narrows the field to the top 2 candidates.  Help us get our candidates solidly in place with your vote! 

Q: “But some of these races have only 2 candidates now.  Do they really need our vote?” 

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CCRP to Host "Clark County All Republican Picnic"

The Clark County Republican Party is hosting a free picnic for all fellow conservatives of Clark County on Saturday, June 28th from 2-6 pm at East Woods Presbyterian Church. Come enjoy FREE food and family fun.

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Lynda Wilson Signs Pledge. Calls on opponent to do the same.

(Original post taken from ElectLyndaWilson.com)  

Olympia – June 11 2014, 17th Legislative District Candidate, Lynda Wilson, became the first candidate for elected office in Washington State to sign a pledge, promising to reject contributions from unions that use involuntary fees from union members. 

“In good conscience, I can’t accept donations from unions where I know their members are forced to pay mandatory fees — some of which go into political contributions,” said Lynda Wilson. “I welcome contributions from individual union members who support my candidacy or from union groups which only collect voluntary political funds from their union members.”

A recent study from the Freedom Foundation, a Washington based think-tank, found that 65 union groups used compulsory union dues to fund political activities, while 21 union organizations did not.

“Taking donations from unions that force their members to pay into political activities is wrong and an abuse of the union member’s individual rights,” said Wilson. “I call on my opponent to set a good example and join me in rejecting donations from these union groups.”


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Stewart to Run for County Commissioner as a Republican!

JeanneStewart.jpgThe Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) has received word from former Vancouver City Council Woman Jeanne E. Stewart that she intends to run for the office of Clark County Commissioner, District 3.  In a letter received by CCRP Chairman Kenny Smith, Stewart states that....

 “After careful soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that my most important principles and philosophies are more closely aligned with those of the Republican Party “.  

We welcome Candidate Stewart to the Party and wish her the best of luck in her endeavors.  We encourage Clark County Republicans county wide to contact Jeanne with your questions or your support if you choose. 

There are no other announced Republican challengers at the time of this post. 

The text of Stewart's letter to Chairman Smith follows....



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Chairman's Update 4-20-2014

April 20, 2014

I hope you have had a great Easter and your day has been blessed.

Watch our calendar and send event announcements to media@ClarkRepublicans.com –especially when you see opportunities for our candidates.

LINCOLN DAY DINNER SUCCESS--Great speakers, wonderful turnout and $43,000 raised! 


Excellent work everyone!  We had a great evening and we raised over $43,000!  Thank you to everyone who made it possible!  Combined with last year's Dinner, PCO matching funds and the Christmas party we have raised over $110,000 during the past 14 months!  Thank you so much to our volunteers, sponsors & PCOs!

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Washington Legislators Urge Clackamas County Commissioners to Say No to Light Rail into Vancouver

Washington State legislators send open letter Clackamas County Commissioners urging them to say no to Light Rail crossing into Vancouver.


The letter cites a myriad of reasons why the current Columbia River Crossing (CRC) should be stopped and urges the Commissioners to consider the multiple votes held on the issue in Clark County.

You can view the letter here

We are asking all of our supporters to contact Oregon Republican legislators to join Rep. Conger in putting the CRC to rest for good.  Rep. Conger could also use some emails of support telling him how much we appreciate his courage in leading this charge from the Oregon side.   Rep.JasonConger@state.or.us  

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