2017 Lincoln Day Dinner Continuing with Tomi Lahren

I am writing you on behalf of the Lincoln Day Dinner Committee.   In light of recent of events, many have expressed concerns about  whether  we should  allow Tomi Lahren to join Lars Larson as a featured speaker  at our annual Lincoln Day Dinner.   We greatly appreciate your feedback, which we take very seriously.   Most importantly,  we want to assure everyone  that we stand firm on our core principles and will not waiver on them. Life is at the forefront of everything we stand for as a party, along with our other core principles.

  • SANCTITY OF LIFE--Human life, regardless of age, has the right to legal protection.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY--Public officials should be held accountable to their oath of office, regardless of party affiliation.
  • EQUALITY UNDER LAW--Public officials should not exempt themselves from our laws or regulations.
  • MINIMAL GOVERNMENT--Government's powers should be minimal, clearly defined, and honestly interpreted.

Tomi’s View:  Tomi has expressed that personally she is pro-life.  She has made that clear publicly many times prior to her appearance on The View where she made a conflicting and confusing statement.   She has actively mentored women to choose another path when they were considering abortion.  However, she claims her view of limited government extends to the abortion conversation, and believes compassion rather than government is the best path to resolve the issue. While we do NOT agree with her view on the topic, we listened and we understand there are those in our party who believe this as well.    The Clark County Republican Party's Platform includes the plank that life begins at conception and that this life has constitutional rights.

Education vs. Exclusion:  In order to change minds and hearts, we feel that we must first be able to have a dialogue with people who hold different or developing opinions.  This is especially important with the youth of our nation, whose opinions of today can change tomorrow.   The Republican Party has a Platform  that is a strong statement of our core principles.  However, our platform  does not require that we all agree at all times.  Tomi represents a new generation coming into the party as well as politically active millennials and more.   If we do not allow Tomi to participate, we may miss a great opportunity to educate both her and the next generation, bring them into the conversation, and advance our platform and principles.  Shouldn't we open the door to that conversation?   The Left slams doors.  We hope to open a door to discussion and an opportunity to advance our principles.

Feedback from Members: We carefully listened to all those who gave us feedback on the issue. Some requested we cancel, but a very large majority asked us to let her speak. While considering all concerns, we have decided to honor our contract with Tomi as well as the many attendees who have purchased tickets. Most people prefer that we allow for difference of opinion in some areas when we agree on the majority of issues. We are also being shown this can be an opportunity to show others that our party is the party that can both stand firm on our principles while allowing differences to be heard.

Moving Forward: We know many will come to hear Lars Larson speak and many will come to hear Tomi  Lahren speak. We know many will come that  have been attending for years simply because they support the party, its platform, and its core values. No matter the reason you have for attending, we thank you.   We also know that   some may choose not to attend and we respect your choice and hope you will join us in future endeavors.   You are always welcome.   Please join us in using whatever opportunities are afforded  to speak to our platform and inform and educate others. This may be an opportunity like we have never had before, to reach out to new people and a whole new generation.  Tomi has offered to make us a personal video  to address our concerns.  We look forward to seeing what she has to say. 

A personal message from your Chairman:

Dear friends,

When this issue first came up, I held a different opinion.   As I began listening to all of the comments and concerns and opinions on this matter,  I gradually came to believe there was a better way forward.  Initially, I began looking for other speakers.  I was very disappointed and wanted to replace her. Then I began to hear from many of you on social media, by email, phone calls and personal messages as well as the feedback of our event committee. I am so grateful for your input and I thank each of you that reached out.  I became reminded that my salvation comes from grace, and also where I would be without it.  I thought of my life and the views I held at 24 years of age, and the lessons I have learned since then.  My mind changed as I realized that shutting this door  would possibly be seen by a generation of developing young people as slamming the door on them because they do not yet understand  or believe what many of us believe.   Your feedback helped me realize the best option is to allow growth  and to reach out and show grace.

And so, our  Events Committee  came to the conclusion  that the chance for growth outweighed the option of turning her away at the door.

In support of our party, our principles and platform, we hope you join us June 24th for the largest Lincoln Day Dinner event we have ever hosted. If you would like to be involved or volunteer, please contact us. Please click here for tickets and more information.

Thank you.  I sincerely appreciate you! 

David R. Gellatly


Clark County Republican Party


Clark County Republican Party

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  • Steven Cox
    commented 2017-03-24 16:15:18 -0700
    You have displayed wisdom and temperance in choosing to listen to reasoning of both emotion and logic before arriving at this conclusion. I can find no fault in this.