2014 Budget and Gun Registry

Governor Inslee is promoting his 2014 Budget as drama free.gunrights.jpg

This ain’t necessarily so…

Specifically, the 2014 budget would spend:

…“$409,000 of the general fund (on a) state appropriation (to fund) seven temporary staff to eliminate the firearm-transfer backlog of 144,000 documents by June 30, 2015. The department shall convene a work group to develop a report on making the firearms program a fee-recovery program. The work group must examine changes including but not limited to making firearm-transfer reporting mandatory, charging a fee for firearms transfer recording, and recommending cost-recovery methods to keep up with demand.”

Joe Waldron, legislative director for the Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association says the Handgun Registry is so incomplete that the list serves no real purpose.  “It’s never about background checks or any of the other things these people say it is,” he said. “It’s always about registration of every weapon. If they know who owns every gun and where it is, the next step is taking them away. All of these other things they do are just a way to move the ball in that direction.” 


An article informing us that Monday there will be an initiative launched to promote universal background checks.  Representative Jamie Pedersen (D) sponsored unsuccessful legislation (HB1588) on background checks at the state level last year said that a winning ballot initiative would make a statement with broad implications.  He said,  “It’s more powerful if the voters do it—as opposed to the legislature doing it.  And it would make it easier for the legislature to do even more.”

That’s an interesting thought process. 

The statewide campaign will require some 300,000 valid signatures to make it to the ballot.

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