2013 Candidate Survey / Questionnaire

As a service to voters the Clark County Republican Party issued the following questionnaire to all local Non-Partisan candidates.  Use the menu bar above to view the individual candidates responses. 

Special thanks to the Vetting Committee and to the candidates who answered the questions.


Clark County Republican Party


Dear Candidate --

As a resource to our community, to your campaign, and to the many potential campaign volunteers and donors looking for a candidate they can assist, the Clark County Republican Party has created a survey that will help voters, donors and volunteers learn your philosophical outlook and the reasons you are seeking office in the upcoming elections. This is a chance to broadcast your views on a foundational level to the entire voting public on critical issues affecting our county today.

Your thorough and timely responses will be shared throughout the county as a means to increase people's insight into your stances as a candidate and as a person. The deadline for us to receive your completed survey and publish and broadcast your responses is July 9, 2013.

We appreciate your effort in this endeavor and look forward to helping the voters of Clark County get to know more about you.


Clark County Republican Party
Vetting Committee

Clark County Republican Party Candidate Questionnaire

Please type your answers and include the question number for clarity.

1. What has motivated you to step forward and run for office?

2. What makes you better qualified for this position than your competing candidates?

3. If you are running to affect change, what is it about the incumbent and/or the governing body that needs changing?

4. In your opinion, what is the proper role of city/county/board (whichever one you are running for office in) government?

5. Is there a difference between powers and rights?

6. Do governments have rights?

7. Where does the power of the office you are seeking come from?

8. Can you define what the word "liberty" means to you?

9. As a trustee of the public's funds how would you prioritize spending?

10. What projects should local government avoid?

11. What is your stance on the proposed CRC project?

12. Should the public have a right to vote on the light rail - tolling project called the CRC?

13. What do you think motivates those on the C-Tran Board who are denying the public's right to vote on light rail in Clark County?

14. Will you unilaterally oppose any CRC proposal that includes light rail?

15. Is it ever proper for an office holder to go against the majority if he/she feels the majority to be wrong or misled?

16. What are the most important issues facing the city/town/county/ board (whatever entity you are running for office in) today and in the future?

17. What do you feel is the job description for the office you are seeking?

18. What ideas do you have to promote job creation and make our community more business friendly?

19. Ultimately, who or what is responsible for creating jobs?

20. How much influence will the U.S. Bill of Rights and Washington's Constitutional enumeration of rights have in your decision making when dealing with issues?

21. What will be your greatest challenge if you are elected?

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