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  • Dignitary Reception

    The 2018 Clark County Republican Dignitary Reception

    Where you can meet and greet our great speakers, elected officals and party leaders!

    Dignitary Reception Sponsored By:


    Century Club Membership Packages Available: 

    Century Club Centurion Member: $188 includes membership for one with one ticket to dinner and one ticket to Dignitary Reception. 

    Century Club Leader Member: $288 includes membership for one with one ticket to dinner and two tickets to the Dignitary Reception

    Century Club Patriot Member: $500 includes membership for one and two tickets to the dinner, two tickets to the Dignitary Reception and two ticket to Fall Celebration

    Century Club Eagle Member: $1000 includes membership for one with two ticket to the dinner with Priority Seating, two tickets to the Dignitary Reception and two tickets for the Fall Celebration.

    Please register for our century club and PLEASE JOIN US FOR THIS RECEPTION!

    From 5pm to 6pm in the VIP Reception Room prior to the formal dinner.

    Dignitary List Includes:

    • U.S. Congresswoman, Jaime Herrera Beutler 

    • Speaker, Charlie Kirk - Confirmed
    • Special Guest Speakers
    • WSRP Chairman, Caleb Heimlich - Confirmed

    • CCRP Chairman, David Gellatly - Confirmed
    • LD17 WA State Senator,  Lynda Wilson  - Confirmed

    • LD18 WA State Senator,  Ann Rivers

    • LD14 WA State Representative, Norm Johnson 

    • LD14 WA State Representative, Gina McCabe 

    • LD17 WA State Representative, Vicki Kraft 

    • LD17 WA State Representative, Paul Harris 

    • LD18 WA State Representative, Brandon Vick - Confirmed

    • LD18 WA State Representitive, Liz Pike
    • LD20 WA State Representative, Richard DeBolt 

    • LD20 WA State Representative, Ed Orcutt 

    • Clark County Council, Jeanne E. Stewart 

    • Clark County Council, Julie Olsen - Confirmed

    • Clark County Council, Eileen Quiring - Confirmed

    • Clark County Council, John Blom

    • Clark County Assessor, Peter Van Nortwick 

    • Clark County Auditor, Greg Kimsey - Confirmed

    • Clark County Clerk, Scott Weber 

    • Clark County Sheriff, Chuck E. Atkins 

    • WSRP National  Committeewoman, Fredi Simpson
    • WSRP National Committeeman, Jeff Kent
    • CCRP State Committeeman, Joel Mattila - Confirmed

    • State Committeewoman & CCRW President, Stacie Jesser - Confirmed
    • Events Committe Committee Chair, Stephanie McClintock - Confirmed

    • Elecction Integrity Committee Chair, Tom Tangen - Confirmed

    • Training and Education Committee Chair, Larry DeVries - Confirmed

    • Bylaws and Resolutions Committee Chair, Trevor Winton - Confirmed

    • Candidate Support Committee Chair, Gary Schaeffer - Confirmed

    • Outreach Committee Chair, Carolyn Crain - Confirmed


  • Event Sponsorships Available

    - Event Title Sponsor $10,000.00 – Name on all event marketing media if desired and on marketing, media, premier dinner table for 10 at event, up to 10 dignitary reception tickets.

    - Speaker Sponsor $5000.00 – Name on front of event program if desired and on marketing
    media, Seating for 4 at the Speaker Table, up to 4 dignitary reception tickets.

    - Event Sponsor Table  $2500.00 – Listed as sponsor in the event program and marketing media,
    table for 10 in priority seating area, 10 dignitary reception tickets.

    - Live Auction Item Title Sponsor $800 – Please let us know if your business is able to be a title sponsor for one of our 'Live Auction Items' and we will add your business logo and info as an event sponsor. This sponsorship will be announced in the live event!

    - Silent Auction Item – Please let us know if you or your business are able to be a sponsor 'Silent Auction Item' and we will add your business logo and info on the item info sheet.


    Please Contact Chairman, David Gellatly, for more information about sponsoring this event: DavidGellatly@ClarkRepublicans.com


    Or CLICK HERE to purchase a sponsorship package now!



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    2018 Elections

    In 2018, The Republican Party holds several strong incumbent seats in Clark County:


    • LD14 WA State Representative Pos 1: Norm Johnson (Incumbent R)
    • LD14 WA State Representative Pos 2: Gina McCabe (Incumbent R)
    • LD17 WA State Representative Pos 1: Vicki Kraft (Incumbent R)
    • LD17 WA State Representative Pos 2: Paul Harris (Incumbent R)
    • LD18 WA State Representative Pos 1: Brandon Vick (Incumbent R)
    • LD20 WA State Representative Pos 2: Ed Orcutt (Incumbent R)
    • Clark County Council Pos. 2: Julie Olsen (Incumbent R)
    • Clark County Assessor: Peter Van Nortwick (Incumbent R)
    • Clark County Auditor: Greg Kimsey (Incumbent R)
    • Clark County Clerk: Scott Weber (Incumbent R)
    • Clark County Sheriff: Chuck E. Atkins (Incumbent R)



    Other 2018 Races Not Currently Held By Incumbent Republicans:

    * Filing Deadline for all races is May 2018. We Need Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) Seats Filled! 

    We have 277 Precincts in Clark County; If your precinct does not currently have a PCO, the County Chairman may appoint you to fill the seat. If you are interested in being a precinct committee officer, please email: DavidGellatly@ClarkRepublicans.com


    * US Senator: Maria Cantwell - Democrat Incumbent 

    • Announced Republican: Susan Hutchison
    • Announced Republican: Joey Gibson


    * LD49 WA State Representative Pos 2: M. Stonier - Democrat Incumbent 

    • (No R)

    * LD49 WA State Representative Pos 1: S. Wiley Democrat Incumbent

    • (No R)

    * Clark County Treasurer: No Incumbent 

    • (No R)

    * Clark County Council Chair: Marc Boldt (Incumbent I) 

    * LD18 WA State Representative Pos 2:  No Incumbent

    Clark County Council Pos. 2

    US Congress:

    • Earl Bowerman - R

    Clark County Utility District, Comissioner, District No. 1: Jim Malinowski, Nonpartisan

    Several Nonpartisan District Court and Sumpreme Court Positions as well. Will list if endorsements are made.


    Clark County Republican Party Endorsements:

    Endorsements for non-contested Republican primary races will be made in June.

    Endorsements for contested Republican races will be made in August.

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